Hey, so do you remember those two new AVI-8 watches we reviewed last month, from the Centenary collection?  If not, or if you missed that the first time around, you can check out the reviews here and here.  Don’t worry, we’ll wait.  The reason we bring those reviews up, is that they’re useful context.  You see, those very watches are what we’ve got up for our giveaway this month.

That’s right!  We’ll have two winners this time around.  Both of these watches feature a 42mm case (12mm thick) with 22mm lugs, and are powered by the Miyota 8218 automatic movement.  Where things differ, of course, are in the looks department.

The AVI-8 Centenary 1920 looks like, well, like it came from the 1920s era of pilot watches.  You’ve got numerals in a great font, and overall, the look of the dial just feels right.  For this model, the dial is front and center, and just really makes for quite a lovely watch.

On the other hand, the AVI-8 Centenary 1940 takes things a bit more modern.  You’ve got the Flinger-Style handset and triangle up at 12 o’clock, and the texture on the sector dial is quite nice.  In my book, this particular combination of blue and white in a steel case is a great look, even if you’re not particularly into pilot-style watches.

As you are no doubt aware (from our prior articles) the AVI-8 Centenary collection is currently in a sign-up mode, with the official pre-order period opening up on March 7th.  And then, when things fully launch on March 22nd, then the full retail price of $340 goes into effect.  Then again, you can try your hand here at winning one of these watches.

To enter the giveaway, it’s just the same as any other giveaway we’ve had on the site:

  1. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite era of pilot watches are, and which of the two AVI-8 watches you’d prefer to win
  2. Head on over to the giveaway page and complete your entry.

Good luck!  Our thanks goes out to AVI-8 for sponsoring this month’s giveaway.  AVI-8.CO.UK

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