Summer is just about wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean that we’re done giving away watches.  No, to the contrary, dear reader!  This month, we’ve got a rather tidy Submariner homage for you from our friends over at Davosa.

In our review, Ken gives you the full rundown on this watch.  As should be no surprise, Submariner-homage watches are always popular, and Ken really thinks you’re getting some great value for the watch.  In fact, I felt the same thing when I took a look at the GMT “Batman” iteration of the Davosa (right here).

For this month, we’re got a chance for you to win the very watch (the non-GMT one) that Ken just reviewed a few days ago.  To get your chance at winning this watch, we’ve got our standard two-part process:

  1. Comment below on what your favorite homage watch is
  2. Head on over to the giveaway page and complete your entry

Our thanks to Davosa for sponsoring this giveaway; to our readers, good luck!

135 thoughts on “The September 2017 WWR Giveaway: a Davosa Ternos”
  1. The Parnis Marina Militare is my favourite due to minimalistic but gaudy design of the original – the Panerai Luminor which costs over 6000EUR

  2. My favorite hommage watch so far is the re-issue of the 1963 seagull model. I think it is an awesome looking watch and the execution is well done !

  3. The best watch for me was Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military great specification easy to use and nice looking with class !!! <3

  4. The Seiko Solar with a square dial is a great hommage to the Tank de Cartier at a fraction of the price !

  5. Deep Blue Nato Diver! An homage to the Seiko SKX with saphirre crystal, hacking, hand-winding, and applied indices!

  6. I’d have to say my favorite is the Orient 2ER00001B. It’s movement is very accurate right of the box. But this Davosa is beautiful.

  7. I would have to bow in homage to the Ocean Crawler Champion Diver. It is extremely shock resistant and is also water resistant to 1000 Feet

  8. I really like the Davosa Batman, but it’s a little out of my price range. If it was my money, I’d go with the humble Invicta 8906OB, the cheap Submariner homage.

  9. Surely a Rolex Submariner in the category of expensive watches, but it’s really expensive. For this reason I always followed the ‘cheap’ category of watches, in this category my favourite watch is ‘Casio G8900A’

  10. When I started collecting I really wasn’t into dive watches. I didn’t feel the NEED for one, although it’s one of my wife’s favorite styles. Awhile back I purchased a Helm, and from there several Seiko auto divers, including an original orange Monster in practically unworn condition. I now find myself looking at higher end Seikos, along with Sinns, Doxas, Favre-Leubas, among others. This Davosa is pretty basic (as is the watch that inspired it), but nice nonetheless.

  11. Never had such watch.
    But for sure, this watch reminds me of one watch. Just can’t place it… wait… wait. No. I’ll remember

  12. My favorite homage watch us The Draken Tugela , it’s affordable and stylish, I would love to own one

  13. I like how my Seiko SNZF017 somewhat looks like a submariner. Definitely not a homage watch, but i’ve gotten a few double takes on my wrist because of it 🙂

  14. My favorite is the davosa gmt batman! Really like the color combo, also the black ans grey is very appealing!

  15. The reviewed Davosa Ternos Automatic (black dial) is my favourite homage watch. I would also love to see a homage of Rolex Explorer II (white dial).

  16. I’m not big on homage watches at any price — I usually prefer originality over skillful imitation — but if I had to choose, I’d go for the biggest savings. The Invicta Pro Diver, at about $80, is a perfectly functional replacement (the term “knockoff” is so harsh!) for Rolex’s Submariner Date. And you could buy a nice motorcycle with the money you save!

  17. I like the NTH sub homages. They are homages, sure, but they are well executed and have elements of originality in their design.

  18. The NTH sub homage is currently in front running for me, but the new Steinhart Ocean One 39 is pretty sweet too.

  19. My favorite homage watch would be the Rodina R005. I’ve always been a big fan of the Nomos Tangente and the poor man’s tangente is a great price to get something similar.

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