You may be more familiar with Urban Armor Gear (UAG) for their phone cases (which I wrote about here and here). Well, that’s not all they protect. In fact, you might say that having a quality strap snugged into the lugs is a great way to protect your watch – so here they come with some options for your Samsung Galaxy watch.

As you may (or may not) be aware, the Samsung Galaxy watch comes in two sizes – a 42mm diameter (with 20mm lugs) and a supersized 46mm (which brings along 22mm lugs). Those lug widths are not uncommon, which means you’ve got a LOT of choice out there in the market when it comes to aftermarket straps. You can spend as much – or as little – as you may want. These straps from UAG seem to cover the most likely options someone would be looking for.

First up, you’ve got the $59.95 Active strap with makes judicious use of nylon and velcro. This utilizes a configuration that I’ve seen (and actually have on a strap) and one that definitely will be strong and fit a variety of wrists. This is because, after you loop the free end through the lugs, you’ve got a long velcro (sorry, hook-and-loop) section that all locks fingers, and allows you to set your strap to the exact size you want on your wrist.

If all that velcro is too much for you, but you still want a light nylon strap, they do have a NATO-style version that runs $49.95. Not sure quite what else there is to say, as just about everyone here should be familiar with this style of strap.

Last, but not least, they also have a leather strap coming in at $69.95. This looks to be a relatively standard padded leather strap, albeit with one interesting trick up it’s sleeve – a snap on the end of the strap. What’s that for? Well, the other half of the snap is on the floating keeper, which means that, once snapped in, you’ll be keeping that strap end snug to your wrist.

I’ve been impressed by the phone cases I’ve seen from UAG, so I’m inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to them on these straps. That said, the pricing feels a bit ambitious for them. Maybe Galaxy Watch owners aren’t as “in the watch scene” as traditional watch folks, but at these prices, you can almost commission a custom leather strap. That said, I’ll be reaching out to see if we can get one in to check out. Don’t have a Galaxy Watch myself, but they should fit others as well. So, we’ll give you an update on that once we’ve had some time with one.

Details from UAG

Active Strap

  • Available colors for 46mm: Orange, Midnight Camo, Black
  • Available color for 42mm: Black and Orange
  • Price: $59.95 | £48.02 | €45,18
  • Stainless Steel Custom Hardware
  • Hook and Loop Fastener Security
  • High Strength Nylon Weave
  • One Year Warranty

Leather Strap

  • Available colors for 46mm: Black and Brown
  • Available color for 42mm: Brown
  • Price: $69.95 | £56.04 | €63,32
  • Stainless Steel Custom Hardware
  • Collar Locking Snap
  • Real Leather & develops a uniquely, natural patina with continued wear
  • One Year Warranty 

Nato Strap

  • Available colors for 46mm : Olive Drab and Grey
  • Available colors for 42mm: Grey
  • Price: $49.95 | £40.01 | €45,21
  • Stainless Steel Custom Hardware
  • High Strength Nylon Weave
  • One Year Warranty

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Last Update: October 31, 2019