eBay Store – HISTORIC REAL TREASURES Ancient and Spanish Shipwreck Coins: Shipwreck Coins of Atocha 1715 Treasure Fleet

2 thoughts on “Very cool new advertiser: Historic Real Treasures”
  1. Some quality items for good prices at the HRT Store. I’ve bought merchandise from there on a few occasions and nothing but good experiences. God bless.

  2. Hi!
    I am trying to find the HISTOIC REAL TREASURES site and it seems they are NO LONGER with EBAY- SomeHow I found your site for great watches-:)
    CAN you help me and by any chance tell me WHERE to find the HISTORIC REAL TREASURES website? I am sure they moved. They have some AMAZING coins!
    cathy elizabeth
    email: silverdoubloon@yahoo.com

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