These days, we don’t know how true Damascus steel was made.  We can, however, approximate the patterned finish in steel – and we call it Damascus.  Regardless of the process, I think it’s a great look, and really adds some panache to a watch case.

Now, the last time I brought Vintage VDB to your attention, we covered the fact that they like to give new life to old movements.  The damascus steel encased model we’re looking at is from the VDB III line, and makes no exception for the movement.  Here, we’ve got a vintage Rolex (cal. 1570) tracking the time.  Sure, it’s just a three-hander, but it’s good to see it brought back to life.

Of course, the main interest (for me) with the watch is the finish of the 45mm case, as it really just grabs the eye.  Another interesting feature that I’ve not made my mind up on (yet) is the crown protector.  It’s actually locked/released via a lever over on the left side of the case.  It’s a trick little twist that I’ve not seen before – just not sure how well I’d like it in actual use.

Other specs on the watch are a bit harder to come by, but it does feature a plexiglass crystal (in keeping with the vintage feel), “vintage” lume, and a micro-click bezel (assuming this means 120 clicks), all on a leather strap with damascus buckle.  In terms of pricing, I really can’t tell for certain.  As it’s a fully hand-built model (and the movement), it’s safe to assume it’s not a cheaper model.  Your best bet will be to drop them an email.

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Last Update: October 18, 2012