Now that my watch obsession has made watch collection large enough to wear a different watch everyday of the week, I needed to keep my watches ready to go on a moments notice. After getting a six watch winder I was pretty happy since it does a great job. Watching my watches rotating around is really cool, but I could only see the dials. I want more.  To my surprise, there were very few options for a reasonable price. I did find a cool triple axis winder, but that thing had an insane price of $18,000. Quickly moving on from that one, I was able to find the Bernard Favre Planet Double Axis. This winder has all the same cool factor but for a fraction of the price. These Double Axis watch winders are made by Bernard Favre at his workshop in Switzerland. Yes, these are Swiss made! I reached out to Bernard Favre and he was kind enough to send me one for review. This might be the coolest watch winder, ever.

 Right out of the box you can feel the quality of this Bernard Favre Planet winder. Plastic is pretty much non-existent. All the visible parts are metal  and the rotation rings are polished to perfection. The black sandblasted base is very nicely machined with no imperfections to be found. When starting up this winder there is one thing that I noticed right away – there is no noise! I have never had a winder that was this quiet. I’m not sure how he does it, but that’s pretty amazing.

What makes the Bernard Favre Planet winder special is that you can see all of your watch rotating around. Every other watch winder on the market only lets you see the front of your watch. This winder lets you admire your precious watch from all angles. Watching this winder doing its job is just so mesmerizing. 

 There are two ways you can display this Bernard Favre winder. You can let it sit out by itself or you can cover it with the included dome. Even the dome that comes with this winder is high quality. This is not a thin delicate little glass dome. There is some weight to this thing. Its a thick glass dome, and makes great display case for the winder. 

 There are 7 preset programs for this winder which cover pretty much every movement out there. There are also two customizable programs. Changing settings is very simple. Rotate the selector to the program you want using the special tool to do this which comes with the winder. The tool is basically a cool looking small screw diver. If you want to use the customizable setting you can program them to your specific watch via the built in USB port.

 There is a small pouch that comes with the Bernard Favre Planet winder which contains the charger and program changing tool. The rechargeable battery provides up to three months of battery life per charge.  

 I really like the watch mount on this winder. The design is very sleek and minimal. After attaching your watch to the winder, the mount is barely visible, which lets you see just the beauty of your precious timepiece dancing around.  

You will not find a more unique watch winder on the market for the price. The prices on these Bernard Favre winders range from CHF 1,390 or approximately $1383 USD to CHF 2,080 or approximately $2070 USD, depending on finish options. Now this is not exactly cheap, but if you want to baby that grail watch of yours, you won’t get any better way to do it then with the Bernard Favre Plant Double Axis winder. If you like it what you see go check them out at


Tech Specs from Bernard Favre:

Materials: Black sandblasted aluminum base with double-axis movement in different furnishings

Dimensions:  140 mm diameter x 210 mm high (glass bell cover), 120 mm diameter x 150 mm high (winder without cover). 

Accessories: USB charger, glass bell and travel case included

0. Charging does not rotate.
1. Completes 800 clockwise rotations in 40 minutes.
2. Completes 1000 clockwise rotations in 50 minutes.
3. Completes 800 anticlockwise rotations in 40 minutes.
4. Completes 1000 anticlockwise rotations in 50 minutes.
5. Completes 480 clockwise and 480 anticlockwise rotations in 40 minutes.
This programme winds 99% of watches.
6. Completes 680 clockwise and 680 anticlockwise rotations in approx. 50 minutes.
7. Completes 800 clockwise and 800 anticlockwise rotations in approx. 65 minutes.
8*. Carries out the following sequence 150 times: 3 clockwise rotations, 6-second pause,
3 anticlockwise rotations, 6-second pause, approx 105 minutes
9*. Carries out the following sequence 800 times: 3 clockwise rotations, 6-second pause, 3 anticlockwise rotations, 6-second pause. This programme is ideal for display cases, approx 7 hours
* Customisable by yourself

Power supply
Battery with a 120-day life, rechargeable via PC or the mains

Warranty of twenty-four (24) months
Registered design CE certified

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