Welcome back to our weekly installment, where we have a quick look at some interesting watches and articles that have popped up over the last week, as well as taking a second look at what some of our more popular articles this week were. Today, we’ve got a great meteorite-dialed watch, an upcoming release from Devon, plus, as always, a pointer to some of our more popular articles from the last week.


So, first up, we’ve got a meteorite-dialed watch from the mind (and workshop) of one Marc Alfieri. If you’ve been following my writeups for any amount of time, you know I’ve got a thing for unique materials getting used in watches. This most prominently takes the shape of what ends up making up a case, but now and again we see them hit the dial as well (such as, say, mother of pearl). We’ve seen some meteorite dials crop up before (and even some silicium ones from Romain Jerome that approximate the look), but Mr. Alfieri has combined that unique dial with a pretty crazy and overbuilt (and spot on for the watch) case. You really need to check this article out over at Total Watch Reviews. Past that watch, you can see what Alfieri has put together in the form of a watch that helps to fight polio right here.


Next up, we’ve got an upcoming release from the folks over at Devon. You know them from their crazy belt-driven creations, and their latest is no departure from that. At Basel World, they’ll be introducing their latest, the Devon Tread 2G. While I didn’t think it was possible, they’ve actually managed to make their watch even more attention-grabbing, courtesy of a 42x38mm made from 18k yellow gold, with a matching bracelet that has a unique design all of it’s own. Oh, and if that weren’t enough, rechargeable battery-driven movement has some solid gold parts of it’s own. This is an intriguing entry into the lineup, and we’ll bring you more details (and pictures) once we have them. As it is, we have just enough to bring this teaser to you today, with a fuller writeup in the coming days. For now, you can also check out their existing Tread 2 models.


Now, let’s carry forth and take a peek at what some of our more popular articles from the last week were (yes, even with the site hiccups, we still had popular articles!) First up, we have a review all the way from back in June of 2012 – a his ‘n hers we did on a pair of Timex Weekender watches with woven leather straps.  The Weekender is a popular (and low cost) watch, generally showcased on a variety of different nylon straps.  The woven leather definitely mixes things up,a and makes for a comfortable fit.



Taking things a bit more recent, the review of the Boschett Reef Ranger was one of the popular articles of the week, and rightfully so.  Many times dive watches from smaller makes can be rather on the beefy side.  With the Reef Ranger, things are kept a bit more compact, even though you still get all of the styling (and a WR rating) you’d normally expect from a dive watch. It’s also helpful that our review sample had a great blue dial under those applied indices.  Definitely one to check out if you’re thinking about getting a dive watch soon.

With that, we’ll wrap things up for this week! As always, if you feel there’s something that we should be covering (either in these wrapups, or as a full-blown article), feel free to drop me a note.


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