Monthly Archives: January 2014


Introducing the Void V03M Automatic

Void isn’t a brand we’ve written about much here, but their latest model caught my eye – and not for the reason you might expect. Up until now, they’ve focused only on creating quartz-driven watches. With the introduction of their V03M model, an automatic movement has entered the lineup.

Get Your Watch Hawaiian-Style

Well, you can get your pizza Hawaiian style (disclaimer: I do not endorse this topping combination), but until now, you really couldn’t get your watch in that style. The folks over at SWAE watches are doing their utmost to rectify this oversight, and are looking to you to help Kickstart their project.

Lew & Huey Acionna Prototype Review

For anyone who spends any amount of time checking out the watch projects on the various crowd-funded sites, you’re not doubt familiar with the Lew & Huey brand, which started up in 2012. They just wrapped up funding one of their latest models, the Acionna, and they’ve sent over one of their prototypes for us to spend some time with. Read on to get our hands-on take on this new watch.

Watching the Web for January 25, 2014

Welcome back to our weekly installment where we take a look at some popular items from across the web from the week, as well as from our own pages. This week, we’re looking at articles that cover some news from SIHH (which concluded earlier in the week), and second look at a watch we ourselves reviewed, and then a handful of popular reviews from our own pages.