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Lew and Huey is a brand that I look to when I want to talk about the potential success of the crowd funded marketplace. The brand began on Kickstarter, with multiple watches launched on that platform, all well received. I put the brand in the category of “friend of the site,” and they are always happy to send us information on upcoming watches and then lend us review copies when they are available. I first wrote up the Phantom in April, and now I have a chance to take a two of the three options out for a test drive.

Finding out about new watches from brands we like is especially fun. You get to learn about what is new and changed on existing models, and sometimes even see something brand new being introduced. A lot of that sort of information happens in dribs and drabs, or in the giant flood known as BaselWorld. Well, Magrette likes to do things their own way, and they simply sent out an email detailing what was coming for 2016, to give those interested a chance to pre-order. So, with that background, let’s have a look at what is in the cards for Magrette next year.