Finding out about new watches from brands we like is especially fun. You get to learn about what is new and changed on existing models, and sometimes even see something brand new being introduced. A lot of that sort of information happens in dribs and drabs, or in the giant flood known as BaselWorld. Well, Magrette likes to do things their own way, and they simply sent out an email detailing what was coming for 2016, to give those interested a chance to pre-order. So, with that background, let’s have a look at what is in the cards for Magrette next year.

First up, the Magrette Regattare Carbon is in stock. Or, at least it was when the email was sent out; as there were only 50 pieces made, this one may likely be sold out again. Why is this one interesting? Well, that is something I tackled in an article over on aBlogtoWatch; here, it is the used of forged carbon fiber to make the case that makes this one of note. If you are at all familiar with this material, you know that it has really only been appearing in some rather high-end watches; on the more affordable end of the spectrum, we’ve really only had Tempest  and now, of course, Magrette. Aside from being just fun use of new materials, I rather like the damascus steel-like pattern in the fiber. You can head on over here and see if any of the $980 Magrette Regattare Carbon are available.


Next up, we have the Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman. I’m not sure whether to call this a completely new model, or an iteration of the Moana Pacifici line, so you can call it what you will. I will say the styling is unlike what I’ve seen in the line before. Sure, you still have the signature cushion case, and the now-prevalent sandwhich dial the brand is using these days. The overall combination of elements (dial, handset, and bezel) definitely gives things a new look, while still retaining the Magrette feel. I particularly like the end of the seconds hand, which has the feel of a train signal to me. The price for the Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman is $545, with a deposit of $150 required now to reserve on. That deposit, of course, will be subtracted from the price when delivery occurs in February 2016.


Third, we have the one I am most pleased to see come into being, the Magrette Regattare 11. This is, of course, a new and updated version of the Magrette Regattare 2011 (link to my review). There are a few big changes from the original, primarily the smaller case size (it’s now 42mm), use of a sandwich dial (the original was printed), and the movement (it went from a Miyota 8215 to a 9015). There are some other smaller changes, but by and large the watches are simliar, with the edge going to the newer one based on my personal preferences. Now, I have not seen the new Magrette Regattare 11, but I did spend time with the Dual Time (which is identical); you can see that review and comparison over here. In the meantime, you can order your own, again with a $150 deposit. That will be subtracted from the final price of $545 for the steel version or $575 for PVD, with delivery expected in February 2016. Also of note are two new models for the Magrette Dual Time lineup; you can see those details here.


Regattare 2011 on the left, new Dual Time on the right

As I have said in the past, Magrette is a brand that will hold a special place in my watch box, as that Magrette Regattare 2011 was my first automatic. While I still like the styling of that original, I am glad to see that there are changes and improvements being made down in New Zealand, keeping things fresh and bringing it to the attention of those who might otherwise have not heard of them. Yeah, you have a lot of choices when it comes to small-brand divers, but if you even think you might like the cushion case style, Magrette should be your first stop; these new models for 2016 are prime examples of why.

Last Update: November 18, 2015