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While we do our level best here at WWR to cover the brands that our readers are interested in – or should be aware of – there are times where some slip through our nets as we trawl what all is out there. One of those brands is Hager. Yes, we have written about them now and again, but we have not focused in on what the brand is offering, nor have we had a chance to go hands-on with anything that the brand was producing. Well, until now, that is. While we are awaiting the release of the Aquamariner to go hands-on with it, we can tide you over with some hands-on impressions of the Hager Commando Professional.


Welcome to our weekly feature, Watching the Web, with this being our last installment of the month. Here, we get to point out interesting watch related articles and reviews on other blogs and news sites, as well as brag about the articles that our readers were most interested in over the course of the last week or so. Peering out across the World Wide Web, I have the Tag Heuer 2016 Mikrograph, a smartwatch from Polar, and a diver from Spinnaker. From our site, we have a bit of a two’fer a new watch out of Estonia plus an interview with the man behind the watch, and a review of the Breitling Chronoliner Blacksteel.


With our post yesterday, we brought you word of a new brand and their inaugural watch, out of Estonia. Fortunately for us (and you) this also coincides with our efforts to start putting some more questions to the brands we work with. With that, let’s get into the latest installment of our series, “Interview with a Watch Maker.” Today, we’re talking with Tõnis Leissoo of Estonia 1918.


With watches, we are often curious about those that come from countries that are not particularly known for their watchmaking, or perhaps as a way of diversifying a collection to represent all those different countries. Estonia is a small Baltic country that really is not known for watches. We did review one a while ago, and now we have another one to add to the list of those you could be on the look for – the Wõitleja, by Estonia1918.


When it comes to watches, we have a tendency to pore over, even obsess, about the details. Sure, at some higher level we can have some sort of a gut reaction to a watch (positive or negative), but as we spend some time with it, we find ourselves down in the details of the watch. For instance, handset sizing, or the type and style of indices on the dial. You know where else the details matter? In your own personal style.


Checking out new watches is almost always a fun proposition. And when the maker of said watches is local? Well, all the better, because then you get to have a conversation with the guy behind the brand, as well as have a peek around the workshop, and maybe see something new that’s in the works. Well, it’s been awhile since I have been over to Astor+Banks, so I cannot say that I was privy to what was being cooked up. That’s ok, because we still have all the details for you on the recently announced Astor+Banks Pilomatic.