Often times, when we are looking at watches, we’ll be hit with one of a handful of shapes – generally circle or square, and sometimes a rectangle (lets leave the semantics of square/rectangle aside for now).  With the new brand, Aark Collectivethe are definitely mixing things up with the use of shapes, yet still maintaining very clean dials.

As you might surmise by the word “collective” in the name of the brand, this is the product of designers coming together to give us their spin on watches.  While these are, I would say, more fashion-focused, they still have some nice hard specs, including stainless steel cases, calfskin straps, and Japanese quartz movements.


Where the draw for these pieces are, of course, is the usage of geometry within the dials.  The entry level model, the Classic (approx $145),  highlights this nicely.  If you look closely around the dial, you’ve got a 12-pointed polygon marking out the hours; for the sub-seconds and minute hand, you’ve got a hexagon entering the mix.  Lastly, you’ve got a rather unusual triangular crown.  On paper, this sounds like a mess – but just look up at the image at the top of the post – it’s rather cleanly put together.


The other watches in the collection (the Timeless and Iconic) start from a similar recipe, adding geometric shapes into the all-to-familiar circular case.  You can view the full collection here; let us know what you think of this designer twist to watch shapes.

ByPatrick Kansa

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