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Today brings us to the second sample that Gavox sent over for us to review, which is also part of their Curtiss P-40 lineup.  While yesterday’s example had a more simple presentation, today’s watch has the addition of one of my favorite complications.

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That, of course, is a 24-hour indicator (not a true GMT, as this is synched to the main time display) which is plain handy to have when setting the time on a watch, or if you’re travelling internationally.

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The other design change you’ll notice on the dial is that the Arabic numerals have been removed, which cleans things up a nice bit considering the addition of the second dial.  This presents as a very clean and balance dial – I do think I prefer it over the example from yesterday.

GA-338 IMG_8714

Here, we do keep the same case (40mm by 8mm thick) that we saw yesterday, housing the Seiko VD77 movement, which is how the 24-hour subdial gets added into the mix.

GA-338 IMG_8720

If I were to choose between the two watches (as they are very similar), I’d likely opt for this model, as the dial is a bit more balanced, and I simply like the 24-hour indicator.  Pricing starts at just over $230, and opting for the limited edition PVD case is only a small increase.

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You can purchase from the full lineup here.

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