Then today is your lucky day – and will be for the next three days.

Touch Of Modern (use this link to sign up) has a tidy deal on two different models (one has three variations).  The Incursore Big Date definitely seems to be the steal of the group, giving you a Swiss automatic three-hander with big date display, coming in at $900 (just under 70% off).


For those with even deeper pockets, then you’ll want to take a look at Airman Chrono – as befitting a limited edition watch, this one is marked at $3,150 (and that’s with the 50% discount).  Regardless of the watch, Glycine puts out some very nice watches (we’ve written about them many a’ time).

Thought it was worthwhile to pass the info along to you, good reader – the full sale page is here.


ByPatrick Kansa

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3 thoughts on “Psst! Looking for a Glycine Deal?”
  1. I did a little poking into the watch, and the movement in the Big Date watch is a higher end ETA, so that adds value. All that said, it looks like the street price is quite a bit softer than the retail tag, so the very steep discount is a little artificial.

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