Just wanted to give you a heads up on a sale running over at Touch Of Modern, this time for a watch we’re working up a review on as we speak.

While I don’t have the full review quite ready, I can give you a sort of overview, based on my experience to date.  First off, a little on the company.  Skywatch was started by Gabriel Ibarra, an architect who decided that he wanted a dive watch that was more for a dive bar than a dive – but one that could stand up to getting wet.

As such, you’ve got an affordable dive-style watch, that while it won’t be suited for pairing with a dive tank, it can handle splashing around in the sink (given the 100m water resistance rating).  They styling seemed solid enough in the pictures I was seeing; I was most intrigued (as always) by the domed bezel.


In the limited time I’ve had with the piece so far, the initial impressions have held up.  While the bezel isn’t as highly domed as some other models we’ve looked at (ala LM-5), it still gives the same effect.  The 44mm case wears nicely, I feel given due to the generously rounded styling on it.

And that’s where we’ll leave that for now – look for a more complete review coming in the next week or so.  If that was enough to whet your appetite (or you just want to see a comparable model to the LM-5CQ), you’ll want to check out this sale.  The sale (seen here) started yesterday, and has quite a variety of the watches – in both three-hander and chronograph variants – on sale for around 20% off.  This nets you prices of $235 (three-hander) and $315 (chronograph).

Oh, and as before, if you don’t yet have a ToM Membership, you can use this link to sign up.


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Last Update: March 14, 2013