Schon DSGN currently available over at ToM

March 6, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

Hey, so remember those really cool (and super-robust) pens I reviewed a little bit ago? If, not check the article out right here.  Now that you’ve had your appetite whetted, I wanted to let you know about a nice discount I ran across.

Trekking around with the UT Lab Argonaut Explorer

January 12, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

It’s time for another installment in our series on men’s style items.  This go ‘round is brought to us by my search for a pair of black boots for the winter.  Not winter boots, per se (in other words, not for shoveling snow), but boots that worked for heading into the office that looked good,…

Some Touch of Modern Watch Sales

February 22, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

It should go without saying, but Touch of Modern also has some rather nice watch sales going on right now as well.

The Touch of Modern Watch Shop

April 30, 2015 . by Patrick Kansa

Touch of Modern was a one-stop Watch Shop that brings together all of their various sales.

CT Scuderia Watches on Touch of Modern, Timing is Everything

March 27, 2015 . by Matt Himmelstein

Patrick and I have been able to conduct hands-on reviews for a pair of of CT Scuderia watches out of the four reviews we have posted here on the site, and we both are on board with the brand’s signature bullhead design. Probably the one knock is that they are priced into the “aspirational range,” at least for my pocket book. Well, for the next couple of days, there is a sale on CT Scuderia Watches on Touch of Modern, a members only sale-of-the-moment site we point you toward from time to time.

The Russians are Here, with Poljot Watches on Touch of Modern

March 27, 2015 . by Matt Himmelstein

I don’t recall where I read the advice, but one of the other blogs out there once wrote that you really need to have a Russian timepiece in your collection. After all, they are infrequently encountered, but not rare in the sense that they are unaffordable. My favorite sale-of-the-moment site, Touch of Modern, has a sale going on for Poljot Watches, with a selection of automatics and even an affordable tourbillon.

24-Hour Special Sale on Eone Bradley Watches at Touch of Modern

March 17, 2015 . by Patrick Kansa

Touch of Modern (join here is you are not already a member), is a limited time, members only sales site that features lots of guy-centric goods. For our audience, it is the watches that really matter, and the site does feature a lot of watch sales. Today, they’ve got a flash sale (24-hour pricing) on the series of Eone Bradley Watches