Davosa Automatic 03Touch of Modern (join here is you are not already a member), is a limited time, members only sales site that features lots of guy-centric goods.  For our audience, it is the watches that really matter, and the site does feature a lot of watch sales.  Right now, there are Davosa Swiss Automatics on sale at Touch of Modern, plus one quartz chrono for the budget minded.

Davosa Automatic 01We have not featured the brand on our site in quite a while, but John has written up a few of their older models, and in general liked them.   The entry into the dress automatics is the Vanguard, on sale for $799, a discount from $1,150.  The three hander plus date has an ETA 2892-2 movement and is a slim 9mm and a comfortable 40mm in diameter.  It is offered in both a cream dial and a black dial.  It looks to be an attractive and affordable way to add a Swiss made automatic into your collection, or just pick up a nice dress watch.  Get one now and hang on to it for the dad or grad in your life.

Davosa Automatic GMT 01The next step up in the offering is the World Traveler, selling for $999, a discount of almost $500.  As a world traveler should have, this watch adds a GMT complication, driven by an ETA 2893.  A little bigger, at 44mm, and thicker, at 12mm, this is still going to work well as a dress watch for the international business professional or travel junkie.  There is a nicely understated silver model, as well as the slightly bolder and more colorful blue dialed version.

Davosa Automatic GMT Chrono 01If your world traveler is a bit sportier, there is also the World Traveler Dual Time Chronograph available, with both chronograph functions and a GMT, this time powered by a Valjoux 7754 automatic movement (I know the ToM description lists an ETA, but I pulled the info from the Davosa web site).  It stays with the 44mm diameter case, but the added complications bump the case to 15.7mm.   The watch lists for $2,650, and ToM has it for sale at $1,799 in both blue and black color versions.

Davosa Automatic Business Pilot 01There are a number of other chronographs available without the GMT complications, and my favorite of the bunch is the Business Pilot, above.  The Chronos have either 7750 or 7753 movements (some are again listed with ETAs, but this has to be wrong) and are on sale ranging from $1,499 to $1,699, marked down from the list prices ranging from $2,100 to $2,500.  The chronos are available in pilot, diver and cushion case styles, the last ones in titanium.

Davosa Automatic 04Lastly, there are two entry level models available, the sporty looking Military Automatic, and the quartz powered Speedline Chronograph.  The Military Automatic is $649, a discount from $950 and houses an ETA 2824-2 in a 42mm x 12.5mm case.  The Speedline uses an ETA G10.211 movement in a 42mm x 12mm case and sells for $399, a discount from $600.  At these prices, I think that both of these watches compete against Japanese powered entry level automatics and quartz chronos.

Last Update: January 29, 2015

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