It should go without saying, but Touch of Modern also has some rather nice watch sales going on right now as well.  They are a site that I tend to  check daily – not that I buy so much from them, but they often have interesting watch and men’s fashion things cropping up for sale, and that can get the old cranium thinking about what might work for a future acquisition.


Before we get into the sales, if you do not yet have a Touch of Modern membership, you can sign up for free via this link; using it will get your $10 off your first order.  What might you want to buy?  Well, if you move quickly, you could pick up one of a number of Lum-Tec watches for a nice discount.  Pricing starts at $350, and goes up from there. You’ll want to move quickly, as the sale wraps up today.


Don’t care for Lum-Tec?  No worries, Touch of Modern has you covered.  You could pick up a new strap for your Apple Watch,  a watch from Momentum (which we’ve reviewed some of), slick pieces from Rado, robust watches from a brand I’ve never heard of, Deltat, and two sets of higher-end pieces (vintage and new).  In short, odds are there is going to be something of interest to you.  And if there isn’t?  Well, just bide your time, something is likely to hit.


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Last Update: February 22, 2016