It”s a new month, and that means it’s time for a new giveaway.  This month, we”ll be putting the excellent Gavox Legacy up for grabs (you can see our review here).  We”re also trying a new method for entries this month – read on to get the details!

So, this time around, the owner of Gavox had an interesting idea for how to handle the giveaway, and I think it’s something we”ll give it a go for.  Rather than the various entry methods (commenting, tweeting, following pages, etc), we”re going to go with a simple comment.


That comment, though, needs to be on the following topic:  if you had the Gavox Legacy on your wrist, where would you take it to get a great wrist shot?  Don”t just say “the park”, paint us a picture.  This is important, as we at WWR, along with Gavox, will pick our three favorite entries, and then put them to you, our readers, for a vote.

Since this is a two-stage process, this first part will only run for two weeks, rather than our customary month.  Get creative, we’re interested to see what you’ll come up with!  We”ll close off entries on or around the 15th, and then get the voting post up within a few days after.

Once that’s wrapped up and we have our winner, then we”ll await the winning photo!


ByPatrick Kansa

A big data developer and leader with a penchant for gadgets, books, watches and beverages. You can find my work on WristWatchReview, Knapsack.News, and Slushpile. If you're on Twitter and/or Instagram, you'll find me there as @PatrickWatches.

32 thoughts on “April Giveaway: Gavox Legacy”
  1. I would wear my Gavox Legacy for a strenuous shot while arm wrestling, check the time to put the competition away, get up, throw on my suit jacket and go off to my executive job… all very GQ.

  2. I would bring it in the middle of the temple of hockey. Right on the ice with a top view. Bell Center.

  3. The crisp air makes his eyes tear up. His lungs are stretched full of lush wholesome air. Rays of sunlight reflect back into his eyes off the white capped peaks in the distance. The climb was arduous. Sweat beads on his brow, but he had purpose. He told himself to get the greatest picture. He had made the climb. Now the opportunity was staring right back into him. The once imperceptibly light watch on his wrist now weighted him down like the world. The focus had to be perfect. The lighting, crisp, but not glaring. The background monumental. The camera snapped. The photo was perfect.

  4. The driver of the the 2015 Corvette stingray just finished his best time at the Nürburgring ring. He is confident that he has made his place in the record book, and GM is happy with the cars performance. The driver checks his Gavox Legacy and notices that he has enough time for a quick shower and to get dressed, before he boards his citation cj3 to jet off to Paris for a nice dinner with his wife. Before he can go the driving paporazi snaps his picture while he leans up against the still hot hood of the Corvette as he points to his Gavox Legacy mouthing, “I gotto go!”

  5. A man is pacing back and forth in a hospital, nervously looking at the wall clock. A nurse walks into the room and beckons him to follow. He walks through a set of double doors and towards a wall of glass windows, the nursery. The nurse points to a specific baby in a ‘crib’ and smiles. The man looks at his Gavox Legacy, smiles, and the caption “Some moments are made to be remembered.” is shown.

  6. The Legacy is a very classy and “Old World” looking watch. So I would like to take it to a place worthy of its “Legacy”. I would take a wrist-shot in front of a famous clock like the Glockenspiel in Munich or the Zytglogge in Bern (see first and second photos). Even better would be in front of BigBen in London which the Legacy seems to take stylistic clues from (third photo).

    However, since I currently live in Cartagena, Colombia, a colonial city with its own famous clock tower, I would take a series of wrist shots under different lights right in front of the Torre Del Reloj in the historic walled-city of Cartagena (last photo).

    A worthy Legacy indeed.

  7. In view you see the amazing Gavox Legacy. It’s on the wrist of someone typing on a laptop. The focus is on the Legacy and while the screen is blurred, you can tell they’re coding something. He must be in a coffee shop as you can hear talking, an occasional laugh, and the clang of dishes off in the distance. Character after character, code after code, he’s typing. Then, he looks at his watch and closes the laptop.

    He picks up the laptop and exits. We don’t see his face, we just see a closeup of the watch. He’s walking down the street. It’s crowded. He crosses and when he gets to the other side, you hear people greeting him.

    There are a lot of people in line but he walks past, straight to the front. This man doesn’t wait in lines. The line waits for him. He walks into the building and you hear more people greeting. Someone wanted a photo, so he paused his pace. The Legacy will look good in that photo.

    You hear him ask if they got the watch in the photo. They said yes, and he asked them to send it to him. They excitedly said “Yes, of course!”

    He get’s back to his pace. You can see there’s a lot of people there and they’re all moving into a big room. He goes into a door, and we follow the watch as he heads back stage. There is a big roar of applause and he doesn’t miss a beat, just keeps walking at the same pace, right onto the stage.

    Now the camera pulls back from just focusing on the watch and we see the man for the first time. He’s on stage, in front of over a thousand people standing and clapping. Behind him is a big screen with one word, “Legacy”. He is all smiles and raises his hand motioning thank you to the audience to take their seats. As it slowly starts to fade out we zoom back to the Gavox Legacy.

    Be the Legacy

  8. Beautiful sunset, red, orange, purples in the background. A breathtaking view from 12,000 ft, In the foreground is the sleek cockpit of a modern Cessna. Flat panel displays with full color representation of everything a modern pilot needs. Everything except for the flash of classic style in the Gavox Legacy his wrist as his hand rests on the control wheel.

    A real modern pilot needs classic style, not some dime-a-dozen aviator.

  9. Driving down a long dirt road passing row after row of grape vines towards my favorite winery. Entering the cool tasting room filled with racks of aging red wine and enjoying the smell of old oak and fermentation I grab my of glass of red and put it to the light. At this point I would take a great shot of a nice glass of red in my hand and the wonderful Gavox Legacy on my wrist. Two favorites in one shot.

  10. I’d take it out to a nice seafood dinner. A little wine; a little dancing.

    Then who knows, might even get the camera out and take some pictures.

    Just depends on how the night goes 🙂

  11. On June 28th, 2014 the Gavox Legacy would join me on my 28.3 mile “Ultimate Hike” on the Foothills Trail in North and South Carolina to raise funds for CureSearch to fight Childhood Cancer.

    And as one who already owns the Gavox Legacy, should I win it, I would offer it up for auction amongst the Ultimate Hikers and donate the proceeds to CureSearch.

  12. A Gavox Legacy on my arm would let me know that precise moment that cool summer breeze blows the delicious smells of warm bratwurst and fresh bread toward my relaxed body. Standing there in front of a family owned bakery, I do everything in my will power in not sprinting toward the vendor on the street corner. For I know that the delicious sweets in the window will appease my appetite more than the bratwurst. The mustard coverd sausage links can wait, for the buttery delicasies are needed now. I need that instant rush to have the energy to walk across the cobblestone streets of olde Richmond. Presidents, historians, actors, slaves, heroes have all walked these streets, but right now, it’s me, the pastry and my Gavox. Oh, what a wonderful city, a wonderful town, a spectacular utopia that will be etched into my mind, dreams, and thoughts for the rest of my life. I will return and hope to see new sights and smells.

  13. The morning sun peeks over the horizon of the Earth’s surface, blinding the astronaut for only a moment, as he gazes out the window of the International Space Station and into the deep recesses of the vast, unfolding void of outer space. The voice of the galaxy calls to him, sending his mind off into tranquil introspection. Before too long, the urgency of his mission and his commitment to keeping his schedule reminds him to restore his focus. Checking his wrist, he celebrates the ease with which his Gavox Legacy indicates the time, much like his father and his grandfather before him did as war-time aviators so many years ago. Before returning to his mission, he grabs his smartphone and tweets a quick shot of himself admiring his Gavox Legacy, an anniversary gift given to him by his wife before blast off. “Greetings from space Honey…See you and the kids soon!”

  14. Rolling over in the hammock, a breeze stirs the palm fronds above and sunlight filters through the canopy to play across my eyelids. I must’ve dozed off, laying by the cabana. In the distance a calliope and steel drums soundtrack the kids, playing in the small, sand-rimmed pools by the beach. I check my wrist for the time, seeing the sun reflect off the bezel of my Gavox Legacy and play across the palm-thatched roof of the cabana. It’s difficult to decide what I enjoy gazing at more: the beauty of my wife surfacing in the water, the smoothly lapping waves, or the Legacy gracing my arm. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to decide. I lean back and close my eyes after snapping a picture of all three to send to my envious brother.

  15. I’d rock it to the Whiskey Library, I think it’d fit in just perfectly with the imposing leather sofas and armchairs, old boys club vibe and air of pretension.

  16. the watch can be the central piece of a commercial, and can be used as the instrument for a date between a guy and a girl. “meeting at the cathedral” at 8 o’clock p.m. When the girl show up, the watch will show exactly 8 o’clock p.m.

  17. I would wear it on a early morning when starting to clime. It will tell me the team, the 2 dots illuminate in the dark, 335 am. Putting on my shoes and backpack and start climbing/walking. The road is rocky and the a fresh breeze of air flows through my hair. After a couple of hours walking I reach the end of my trip. The sun is just above the horizon and with a smile in my face i see both the watch telling me 836 as will as the snow at my feed of mount Fuji. a picture just like the GMT dial.

  18. Should I have the Legacy, it would feature in a series of photos throughout the most important day of my life. The first, of it sitting proudly on a bench next to a pair of silver cufflinks. The second, of it being placed on my wrist and adjusted just so, with the three men closest to me in my life gathered behind me. The final shot of the set takes place a short while afterwards in a nearby garden in the Australian wine country, on a sunny spring afternoon in October this year. The sunlight glints off the Legacy as my hands gently brush the cheek of my best friend, dressed in a stunning white dress, just seconds after she becomes my wife…

  19. This watch would look perfect peeking out from under the cuff of a black tuxedo jacket.

  20. To begin, it would be impossible for me to where the Gavox Legacy at the event I am about to describe. The event happened in the past, and is a once in a lifetime event. Nonetheless, the day could have been capped off with the beautiful Gavox Legacy on my wrist.

    It all started in December, 2012. That is when I began planning for the biggest day of my life. The first step…finding the location? I chose her aunt and uncle’s lake house. Set beautifully looking over the water, this was a place where we would frequent for relaxation and much needed time away from the big city. I went up to her aunt and uncle, and they became the first to know of my plans, and were more than happy to help. They even volunteered to be a decoy in my plan. Step two….decorations. I worked for months finding the perfect decorations. I needed a beautiful table set for two, flowers, a floor covered in flower petals, candles, tea lights, engraved Champagne glasses, and a meal to remember.

    The weekend finally came. I took the two hour drive early Friday morning to set up the house. My girlfriend thought I was at school that day, but she was mistaken. Her aunt and uncle then played their part. They called her up and invited her to the lake house, saying that the family would be there for the weekend. I frantically drove back home, just to grab a very important box and head back out the door to pick her up and bring her to the lake house. By the time we arrived, it was dark. There were no lights on in the house, just the faint glimmer of candles. She opened the front door. “Holy $h*t!,” she screamed, turning to see me on one knee. I’m guessing that you can figure out what would happen next.

    That is a day I will always remember. And just imagine if I had the Gavox Legacy on my wrist.

  21. The Gavox legacy would complement the steel-gray summer wool suit, blue shirt and black silk tie that I plan to wear at my brother’s upcoming wedding.

  22. After a long day at work, sitting on my back patio beside the garden with my dogs and a beer at my side looking at the birds and cottages across the peninsula.

  23. There is a place that evokes the classic elegance and design of the Gavox and complements its modern materials. I would take my Gavox to the shores of Lake Geneva, in Lausanne, Switzerland. There, the dusky sunset lights the hulls of the sailboats docked in the marina. Their masts reflect like quiet fireworks into the lake. This is a moment of perfect calm and clarity; the moment we travel for. This is the moment I would capture an image of my Gavox, poised in a moment of purpose and tranquility.

  24. Background: Dutch field of tulips, blue, red, yellow – sun going down on it
    Foreground: Arm with a Gavox Legacy holding the steering wheel of a car (Sports car or classic car, to be decided).
    Focus point on the watch with the background slightly blurry
    Very colourful background which brings out the beautiful sobriety of the design of the Gavox Legacy.

  25. The year is 2020. As I look into my grandson’s eyes, he is focused on my Gavox Legacy, admiring the smooth sweep of the second hand as it slowly makes it way around the ornate dial. I ask him, “What are you looking at?” He says, “I am looking at your watch, PopPop. Where did you get it?”

    I chuckle as I remember fondly six years ago to when I entered a contest on I tell him, “You were almost two years old, and back then I wrote a story to try to win this wonderful timepiece. Somehow, the readers liked my story best, and I won this watch.” My grandson said, “Wow, really? That’s so awesome! I love it! Can I have it?”

    I smile with pride and admiration. The boy clearly has excellent taste in wrist watches… I tell him, “One day, when you are a grown man, and old enough to appreciate such a fine timepiece, I will give it to you, as part of my legacy.” He hugs me tight, and I snap a picture of the two of us, together, admiring the masterpiece on my wrist, destined one day to live on his.

      1. Sorry, no – we had already been in discussions with Gavox about the entries by the time yours came in.

  26. I know I am a tad late, but I barely had internet access during April. Hope you would still accept my entry for I think people might actually enjoy reading it.

    As I never had worn a watch with Roman numerals before, I thought I ought to take a picture of the Gavox in a place where the Roman atmosphere can truly be felt – A place like that, which is close to my heart is the Herodium (for further reading – built by Herod the Great. I decided to write a poem opposed to a short script, and so it follows:

    On an April afternoon
    I was about to doss,
    The air was thick and warm,
    When my eyes just came across
    A post on wristwatchreview,
    They give away a watch,
    For months I have been yearning
    To sport a fine Gavox.

    Naval-modern yet so classy
    Oozing timeless chic,
    I would then be entitled,
    For a place within the ‘clique’,
    A coterie of men,
    True gents with taste so-fine
    Who appreciate timepieces,
    Oh sweet Gavox, please be mine.

    And with the timepiece on my wrist,
    On a sunny day of June,
    I’d travel to the desert
    To climb a special Dune,
    Which had witnessed by itself
    Two-thousand years of war,
    Built by mighty Roman King
    To be buried there he swore.

    And at solstice’s midday
    When the sun is up the sky,
    The watch’s Roman dial,
    Would then reflect its light,
    On that glorified acropolis,
    On all that lived there and had died.

    Then King Herod I the Great
    Will be grinning six feet under,
    For the Herodium he built,
    Had survived both sun and thunder,
    There a young lad had arrived
    With Roman numerals on wrist,
    Oh, the legacy lives on,
    Down with Pluto we shall feast!


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