It is a charming counterpoint to the trends that led to the excessively gadgetized TX Luxury watches with six or seven hands and dubious relevance. This is the kind of thing that should cause a bit of reflection about what really matters.

11 thoughts on “Botta Uno Automatic: Dude, I think you lost something”
  1. I silently suffer your watch fetish, but have to admit, this time I’m going to look up this puppy and see if I’m shocked that it cost $1200, or delightfully pleased that it’s only $200; in which case I’ll buy one for myself and one for a gift for another minimalist nerd friend.

  2. The automatic version is about $900 from Gnomon Watches, the quartz is about $400 from other places. For European made watches, these are pretty reasonable prices (someone has to pay for their universal health care and other social programs).

    If you’re silently suffering, why be silent? What’s wrong with a given entry, or what’s right? What watches would you want to see reviewed?

  3. What is the brand of watch pictured at the top of the wrist watch review site? It has a black face with very simple numbering and a black strap. Thanks.

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