Harry at WatchingHorology takes on the age old question: is it better to spend your wad on one timeless piece or buy a few, more inexpensive pieces. The jury is obviously out, but my suggestion is this: buy cheaper pieces at first and when you know what you want, sell them and buy the dream watch. Or, better yet, never buy the dream watch – remember, when the watch has had about 2 weeks of wrist time, the bloom is off the rose, friends. There are so few watches that can withstand a longer than usual wear time that it’s almost a fool’s game.

Many have suggested that I liquidate my collection to move on to a higher value piece such as a tourbillon or minute repeater. While I may have considered this, it has yet to take root in my collecting values. For me currently, I fell that unless it’s absolutely certain that the (over S$30k) purchase will not depreciate, I will not fork out the hard earned money nor liquidate the hard to acquire pieces of lesser value I have. Save for Pateks – which MAY have some assurance of its long term value and secondary market. Almost nothing in the watch world can promise a recovery of investment cost. For me, Patek does not especially do anything for me at its price point.

FAQ #2 – Single High Value Timepiece v Collection of Mid Values [WatchingHorology]

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Last Update: May 3, 2006