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Can This Watch Stop A Trash Compactor?



Very likely not – but it CAN control a miniature R2-D2, and perhaps that can take over some intergalactic electronics for you.

I came across this little gem over at Fred Flare (I’ve never shopped there, so can’t say how your experience will be).  At least, I hope it’s a gem – sometimes branded things like this are little more than plasticy, steaming piles.

Here, we’ve got a pretty simple digital watch (just the time) that looks like the top of R2-D2’s dome.  Where the fun is is with a keychain attachment you get – a little remote controlled R2-D2 unit.

At that point, the watch turns into a remote control for the droid – guessing it’s IR (line of sight) rather than RF, but then you’re probably not going to want a 1.5″ tall R2-D2 getting out of your sight anyways, lest some critter carry it off.

All this can be yours for the low, low price of $42.  If it works as advertised, it might not actually be a bad price to pay for a mini remote controlled droid of your very own.  By it’s very nature, though, I think this is better destined as a desktop toy instead of a watch you’d actually wear (unless you’re 8 years old, then have at it).

I’ve not picked one up (though, if it were a Batmobile, I’d be tempted) – let us know how the thing works if you do decide to get one for yourself.

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