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Bulova lands a new automatic GMT

Once again I’m asking you to look at Bulova. This time we have the impressive Bulova GMT in their Classics collection. Called the Winton, the piece runs a Miyota 9075 Caliber 24 jewel self-winding movement in a 43mm case.

Introducing: The Bulova “Parking Meter”


Bulova has been hitting on all cylinders lately and their latest, the 1973 “Parking METER,” is another winner. The watch, which is based on a Bulova bullhead chrono from the 1970s, features a 0S21 Miyota movement that powers the central seconds hand as well as a 24-hour dial at noon. There is a running seconds at six o’clock and a date window. Best of all is the case which enrobes the traditional case like Iron Man’s armor.

In Review: The Bulova A-11 Hack Watch


A hack watch may seem like something Neo would wear to break into the Matrix but, like Bulova itself, it has a long and interesting history. A hack watch – or hacking watch – is a watch that will stop when the crown is pulled out. The function was designed to allow soldiers to literally synchronize their watches – say they all wanted to be set at exactly the same time. They would wait until the second hand hit 12, pull out the crown, and set the watch. Once they were ready to go, they would simply close the crown and the watch would start again.

Bulova has a new YouTube series for you


I have to admit, brands getting out there and creating new podcasts and video series is not something I had on my bingo card, but they’re definitely out there. So, once you’re done listening to the latest episode of the HourTime Podcast – only slightly less irreverent than Two Broke Watch Snobs – you can head on over to the Bulova channel on YouTube to check out their new Collectors Series.

The Devil Diver resurfaces


The Bulova Devil Diver aka the “666” Oceanographer is one of the nicest three handed dive watches I’ve seen in a long while. Created as an homage to Bulova’s original dive watch, the Oceanographer, the 666 is so named because of its odd depth rating. The 41mm face, which tells you you can snorkel down to 666 feet in this beast, is bold orange, and the entire package is so well-made that I’m surprised that they’re selling it for $750.

Accutron’s latest reissue says, ‘Elvis to ya, baby’


Elvis Presley wore a number of watches throughout his life. We commonly associate early Elvis with the Hamilton Ventura, which he got as a product placement for the movie Blue Hawaii in 1961. But before that, he wore a Bulova Accutron, in 1960. This is slightly after gold lamé-Elvis, and just after Army Elvis. The Accutron is a time capsule of late 50s design.

Introducing the Bulova Oceanographer “Devil Diver”


To be perfectly fair, this is not the first time we’ve seen the Bulova Oceanographer “Devil Diver” come back onto the old retail shelf. As a matter of fact, we reviewed a prior version back in 2018 (seen here). So, what makes this version different?

Watch over the prairies with some new Bulova Frank Lloyd Wright watches


For myself, I’ve always liked the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. Something about all those crisp lines – even when curved – just really speaks to me. Of course, having his studio here outside of Chicago to be able to tour certainly helps as well. If you’re like me, and like Wright designs, these new watches that Bulova just announced are probably going to be of interest.

Ran out of things to listen to? Accutron is here to help


How, you might ask? Sure, they’re supporters of the Grammys, but this isn’t about music. No, you see, Bulova is embracing the Mad Men pitch of “?It?s Not a Timepiece. It?s a Conversation Piece? and launching a brand-new podcast, The Accutron Show.

Introducing the Bulova Sinatra collection

If you’ve been following along with what Bulova has been doing, you’ve likely noticed that they’ve got ties into the music industry. Most prominently, that’s with their partnership with the Grammys. Now, one of their latest partnerships is taking the form of the Bulova Frank Sinatra collection.