I have to admit, brands getting out there and creating new podcasts and video series is not something I had on my bingo card, but they’re definitely out there. So, once you’re done listening to the latest episode of the HourTime Podcast – only slightly less irreverent than Two Broke Watch Snobs – you can head on over to the Bulova channel on YouTube to check out their new Collectors Series.

What’s in store? Well, it’s a video series, so let’s check out their introduction:

It should be an interesting watch, and there are five episodes – after the introduction – already out there of the ten that are planned. Here’s a full rundown of what they hope to do with the series, as well as the guest list, including more than a few names we here at WWR are quite happy to see included:

The 10-episode video series traces the history and key moments of the brand, but also touches on the latest in the world of watches, media, technology, aviation and music. The host, Michael Benavente, Bulova’s U.S. Managing Director and 30-year veteran of the watch industry is a versatile, enthusiastic and knowledgeable conversationalist. The guests range from top collectors of Bulova watches, such as Richard Callamaras and Stephen Ollman, to experts in various fields where the brand had and in most cases still has a leading role. They include former NASA Launch Director and Director of Shuttle Processing, Bob Sieck, who explains Bulova’s key part in both the Gemini and Apollo space missions, Nile Rodgers who shares his own personal connection to Bulova and explores Bulova in music and American history, David Graver, Editor in Chief of Cool Hunting, who speaks about Bulova pioneering the advertising world and also contextualizes marketing in today’s watch world, as well as Barbara Palumbo who speaks about the brand’s role in promoting equal rights, equal pay and its early understanding since the roaring 20s of female timepieces and the role of women in the often male dominated watch world. A detailed list of guests can be found below.

Richard Callamaras, Watch Collector

Stephen Ollman, Watch Collector

Carl Rosen, Historian

Bob Sieck, former Launch Director and Director of Shuttle Processing, NASA

David Graver, Editor in Chief, Cool Hunting

Nile Rodgers, multiple GRAMMY-winning composer, producer, arranger and guitarist

Barbara Palumbo, Watch Journalist

Jason Heaton, Watch Journalist

Jack Forster, Editor in Chief, HODINKEE

Roberta Naas, Watch Journalist

Sam Cannan, Chairman, Veterans Watchmaker Initiative


Check out all the episodes as they’re released over on the official Bulova YouTube channel.

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