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Detroit Watch Co. shoots for the moon

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that I’m a big fan of Detroit Watch Company. Patrick and Amy Ayoub have melded their automotive design skills with their love of watches and the “Motor City” of Detroit and created quite a successful brand with a very unique look. Recently I had the opportunity to spend a week with the all new M1 Woodward Moon Phase on the wrist.

Patrick’s Top 5 Watches of 2015


A little bit earlier this month, Matt brought you his thoughts on what the top 5 watches of 2015 were. That seemed to click pretty well with you, and, as we all have our own opinions and preferences, today is my turn to pontificate. Given the wide variety of watches that crossed my desk this year, this was tougher than I thought it would be. To sort of self-filter the list a bit, I kept my candidate pool to only those watches that I actually spent time with. Without further ado, presented in no particular order, are my top 5 watches of 2015.

Detroit Watch Co M1 Woodward, Built for Cruising

Detroit Watch Co M1 Woodward 09There are a couple of American brands that we have been able to forge relationships with here at WWR, and I am proud to say that Detroit Watch Company is one of those.  This is the second of their watches I have been able to check out in person, the first being the 1701.  Let’s just say I liked that watch, so I had high hopes for the Detroit Watch Co M1 Woodward.  At least for me, they are now 2-0 (can’t say the Lions are doing that well, sorry Patrick).

The WWR 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

1024x1024 christmas ipad wallpaper 026Earlier this year I was attending an alumni event and the conversation subject matter turned to watches (how I turned it there I don’t recall).  One of the group asked what I would recommend for her to get her boyfriend as a gift.  My first question was how much money she wanted to spend.  When she said roughly $1,000, I immediately recommended a Weiss.  This question got me thinking about how I could organize the 2015 holiday gift guide.  So for this iteration, I will recommend my favorite watch (or watch related gift) in each of several price ranges.  Chances are, if I like it, especially if it under about $1,500, we have covered it in the past, since that is the kind of people we are; but there may be watches here (especially at the higher end) that have not graced our pages.

Watching the Web for June 6, 2015

Morning Dew On A Web Desktop BackgroundHello and welcome to our regular Saturday feature, Watching the Web, where we shine a light on interesting watch related articles across the web, and recap a few of our more popular reviews over the past week or so.  This week, WatchTime looks at Nomos Watches, Monochrome highlights the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica, and Quill & Pad shows off the Kees Engelbarts Tourbillon Organic Skeleton.  From our pages, we have the Void V01MKII, the The Detroit Company 1701 Ponchartrain and L’Horloge models, and a blast from the past with Patrick’s look at the Techne Harrier series of watches.

Detroit Watch Company 1701 Ponchartrain and L’Horloge, Now in Fun Size

Detroit Watch Co Ponchartrain 03I don’t get to wear my 1701 from Detroit Watch Company, my wife stole it from me.  Well, steal is a tough term.  I really like the styling of the watch, but she isn’t into watches the same way I am, and she rarely comments on what I wear, let alone take an interest in one.  That changed with this watch.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up, and as a service to those gift challenged male readers out there, I though I would highlight a few watches that you may want to get for the woman (or women) in your lives.  I am mainly going to focus on watches that we have reviewed relatively recently, though there are a few extras tossed in here.  So without further ado, here is our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Detroit Watch Company 1701, Do I have to Give it Back?

Detroit Watch Company 1701 01One of the great things about being a watch reviewer is the fact that watch companies will give you the opportunity to wear their watches for a while, gather your thoughts about them, and then review them.  The bad part about it is that you have to be ready to part with the watches when you are done.  When I opened box for the Detroit Watch Company 1701 automatic, I knew that giving this watch back was going to be tough.  This is my favorite watch which I have had the opportunity to review hands-on in my tenure here at WWR.

The Other Watch Company in Detroit

Detroit Watch Co 1701 01

Like that Clint Eastwood/Chrysler Commercial from the 2012 Superbowl, Detroit is not done yet.  Shinola has done a good job in marketing their American Made roots with their quartz driven watches, and now the Detroit Watch Company is offering automatic watches made in the Motor City, though of foreign sourced parts.