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max bill by Junghans Colour of the Seasons collection

Summer is coming and Junghans has six new watches intended to match the season. Junghans has updated the max bill collection for women using bright white straps and beautiful colors including cherry blossom pink, one that is honey-colored and a cool blue dial reminiscent of the sea.

Introducing the Junghans Spektrum Automatic


There is just something appealing about a good sport watch. Sure, there are plenty of other styles to choose from – classic or otherwise – but a sport watch has that great capability to work for a variety of situations. While a dive watch may not look right with a suit, and a dress watch looks odd on the trail, a sport watch can manage to bridge that gap quite nicely. Throw in some ceramic surfaces and the Germanic attention to detail, and you have the new Junghans Spektrum Automatic.

REVIEW: They call me the Meister Driver, and once upon a pair of Junghans wheels


I give a lot of thought to what makes up the perfect daily-wear watch. It should be about comfort, legibility, the sort of watch that just becomes a part of you, and makes it the first watch you grab in the morning. I’ve found two of these recently, and want to tell you about the first: The Junghans Meister Driver.

Valentines Day Gift Guide, 2016; For the Ladies

Gentlemen, what do you have, 2 weeks until February 14?  Are you still wondering what to get?  Well, maybe I can give you a few suggestions with the 2016 edition of the Wrist Watch Review Valentines Day Gift Guide.  In general, women’s watches do not excite me.  The majority of the ones I see have quartz movements, a mother of pearl dial, a few bucks worth of diamond chips and cost $100s more than the gentleman’s equivalent watch.  In essence, they are designed as jewelry.  But there are watches that are either made for a woman, or not so large they look out of place on a woman’s wrist, that are actually interesting watches.

The Junghans Meister Kalender is elegant complexity

When it comes to watches, I have – it would seem – a type. Yes, yes, I know, I like GMT complications, and I tend to look at the practicality of a watch (ie, how I’d actually use it in my life). Taking a step back, and it’s become more apparent to me that I tend towards watches with a subtle elegance, particularly if they enable technical complexity to hide in plain sight. Sure, they may not all be pieces I’d buy myself, but they catch my attention for sure. The latest to do this very trick is the Junghans Meister Kalender.

My 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

I am not the ‘official gift guide curator here art WWR, but I have been doing them throughout my tenure, and it is December, so I figured I would put out my version of the 2016 Holiday gift guide.  I am going by price, with the least expensive products (yes, there are things other than watches, though not many) first, and building from there.  So you can stop when you get to your price limit.  My other rule is that they have to be products available for retail sale, so no crowdfunded watches (unless they are now available for retail sale), and they have to be products we have shown on our pages (and yes, Watching the Web counts).  So here you go:

Introducing the Junghans Meister Driver Handaufzug


As you are no doubt aware, BaselWorld will be kicking off again here pretty soon, which means we will start seeing a lot more announcements about new models and versions.  A lot of this comes from the luxury brands, and that is not really where we tend to dwell here at WWR.  No, we like our watches affordable and interesting.  Sure, the Junghans Meister Driver Handaufzug is not a sub-$500 indie watch, but this one certainly checks off a lot of boxes for me.

Watching the Web for November 21, 2015

web banner sizeThank you for taking the time out of your day and stopping by to check out our regular Saturday feature, Watching the Web, where we take a little bit of time to highlight interesting watch related articles and watch reviews we find on other sites across the web.  We then take a little time to promote our own popular articles from the last week or so.  Today, I wanted to point you to reviews of the Bovet Sergio Pinanfarina Split Second Chronograph 45, the URWERK EMC Pistol, and the Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition.  From our site, the most popular posts over the last week or so have been the reviews of the Vejrhøj Nautic, the Manchester Watch Works Tatoskok, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five.

Matt’s Picks For The WWR Top Watches of 2015

Our goal, for the time being at least, is to publish one article per day here at WWR.  Discounting the weekend posts, that means we cover on the order of 250 watches per year.  Since we don’t cover every new watch we see, I would estimate that we see (collectively) well over 500 new watches a year, and that number is probably closer to 1,000; after all, we read a number of the other watch blogs as well.  So this gives us a pretty good pool of watches from which to develop favorites.  And that is what this post is all about, our picks for the WWR Top Watches of 2015.  This post will cover my picks for the best watches that we have featured on this site, and Patrick and Ken will also chime in with lists of their own.