Gentlemen, what do you have, 2 weeks until February 14?  Are you still wondering what to get?  Well, maybe I can give you a few suggestions with the 2016 edition of the Wrist Watch Review Valentines Day Gift Guide.  In general, women’s watches do not excite me.  The majority of the ones I see have quartz movements, a mother of pearl dial, a few bucks worth of diamond chips and cost $100s more than the gentleman’s equivalent watch.  In essence, they are designed as jewelry.  But there are watches that are either made for a woman, or not so large they look out of place on a woman’s wrist, that are actually interesting watches. Valentines Day Gift Guide

My first pick (actually my first two), come with a deal, free shipping and 40% off from Orient Watch Co. with the code “VAPR40.”  So what do you use it on?  One option is the unisex SoMa automatic, a 37.5mm dress watch offered in a couple of variations.  I like the clean white dial, and with the discount the watch sells for $114.

Valentines Day Gift GuideSportier, and smaller at 29.5mm, is the Orient Eve, on sale for $149.  Also an automatic, they use in-house movements, but Orient is part of Seiko, so there is a big company behind the not-exactly household-name brand.  If you are not a fan of the pink on the dial, there is also a black and gold version.  Orient also has a couple of other watches listed as ladies versions (including the MoP dials).

Christopher Ward c60-38-q-skoo_7

If your lady is really sporty, then the 38mm verion of the Christopher Ward C60 Trident may be an excellent choice.  The 300 meter quartz watches are $415 – $495, and the 600 meter automatics start at $825.

Max Bill JunghansSticking with the Europeans, the Max Bill Junghans at 34mm would be a nice choice for someone who appreciates a modern, clean look.  The watch has a radically domed crystal and with the very thin bezel, it actually does not look as small on the wrist as the 34mm would have you believe.  The watch has a hand wound movement, so there is a daily connection between the wearer and the watch.  If this color is not your pick, there are four others available.

Stowa AnteaMaybe a little more color is preferred, but you still like the Bauhaus look?  Stowa has a the Antea line (yes there is more than just pink available) with automatic and hand wound movements running from 35 to 39mm.  The line sells for just about $1,000.

Nomos Tetra GoldMy last pick out of Germany would be the Nomos Glashutte Tetra with the Gold dial, yes, the Tangente and the Orion Rose are both pretty, but the square case of the Tetra with the gold dial and the green markers really has an elegant, feminine look to it.

Perrelet Diamond FlowerFinally, if you really want to impress your lady, I will wrap this year’s Valentines Day Gift Guide with the Parrelet Diamond Flower Collection.  In this collection, the double rotor actually has function behind the movement you see on the dial, and there is a bit of bling to be had.  The watches here are going to be north of $5,000, but they are beautiful pieces of jewelry and interesting mechanical machines, a tough match to find.





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