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Earlier this year I was attending an alumni event and the subject matter turned to watches (how I turned it there I don’t recall). One of the group asked what I would recommend for her to get her boyfriend as a gift. My first question was how much money she wanted to spend. When she said roughly $1,000, I immediately recommended a Weiss. Her question also got me thinking about how I could organize the 2015 holiday gift guide. So for this iteration, I will recommend my favorite watch (or watch related gift) in each of several price ranges. Chances are, if I like it, especially if it under about $1,500, we have covered it in the past, since that is the kind of people we are; but there may be watches here (especially at the high end) that have not graced our pages.


We have written about a few different watches from Michelsen, and their Arctic Explorer (abtw link) remains one of my favorite watches. Of what I have covered, though, none of them were from the more limited-edition collections that the brand has produced. Well, that changes today with a quick overview of the Michelsen Watch Reykjavík 64°N/22°W.


With the crazy low temperatures across the U.S. today (it’s currently -14° F where I’m at, with a mess of snow), it got me to thinking about how happy (or not) our beloved watches would be outside in these temps. Sure, a digital piece wouldn’t have as many moving parts, but LCDs don’t like the cold, and an analog display might still have problems. What if you wanted a mechanical on your wrist? Then we’ve got the watch for you!