A Watch For The Weather

A Watch For The Weather


With the crazy low temperatures across the U.S. today (it’s currently -14° F where I’m at, with a mess of snow), it got me to thinking about how happy (or not) our beloved watches would be outside in these temps.  Sure, a digital piece wouldn’t have as many moving parts, but LCDs don’t like the cold, and an analog display might still have problems.  What if you wanted a mechanical on your wrist?  Then we’ve got the watch for you!

Well, to be perfectly accurate, Michelsen has the watch for you.  And we’ve written about their Arctic Explorer before, so this is a watch you’re likely familiar with.  If you’re not, give that article a read.  The watch itself is an interesting design.  With that white-dialed version, comparisons to the Rolex Explorer II are inevitable.


And I think the Arctic Explorer likely started from that point of reference, but it’s taken the design in a different direction, making a watch that stands by itself, without looking like a homage or a direct copy; the blue dial changes things even more.  Given the preparations they made for the piece to survive an expedition, I think it’s more than likely it’ll stand up to whatever we might be doing this winter.

Sound off in the comments what you might have on your wrist today (or maybe even throw a picture up on our FB page).  As for me, I’m not headed out in the cold – this is a perfect day for staying in the warmth of the house.  michelsenwatch.com



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