Welcome back to our weekly installment, Historical Horology.  We’ve featured Rolex in these articles in the past, and for good reason – they’ve got a long and storied history, and one that’s well-documented.  Their vintage pieces also hold a great deal of interest, both for novice and pro collectors.  Today, we’ve got a few videos that fit neatly into that landscape.

First, from the folks at WatchFinder & Co, they show us the process involved in the tear-down, cleaning, and reassembly of what is arguably the most popular Rolex model, the Submariner.

Of course, that’s what happens after you’ve gotten a Rolex into your collection.  For those who are tempted to go and pick up your own, Rick from Pawn Stars (on the History Channel, so it fits this series – kind of) has some tips for you:

Of course, you may also want to check out these other articles we have on Rolex, including some actual history, as well as some tips on purchasing one.

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