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To the fields! It’s the Minuteman A11

You know me – I like to support the small guys. They tend to provide us with some unique designs and some really great value. Minuteman is one of those brands, and we’ve written about them before, quite a few times. Well, their latest – the Minuteman A11 – brings a splash of color to a tried-and-true design. It also brings along a movement that is poised to make a big splash as well.

Minuteman and Team Rubicon team up for watches and charity

The crew over at Minuteman are no strangers to producing watches that benefit charity in some form.  The other day, they announced a series of four watches that are setup to benefit Team Rubicon, which focuses on serving at-risk and otherwise vulnerable populations affected by disasters.

Help with Hurricane Harvey relief and get a prototype watch in the bargain

While there seems to be another hurricane blowing in off the Atlantic, there’s no doubting the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has already done.  There are a variety of fund raisers out there, and avenues for you to donate to help the relief efforts.  We were just made aware of an eBay auction that may be of interest to you.  CGA is offering up this prototype watch – which, unless you’re a watch reviewer or otherwise in the business, you’d likely never see.  So, do some good, and get a watch that none of your buddies have at the same time.  Auction ends on September 10th; bid at the time of this writing is $810.  ebay

Hands-on with the Minuteman RWB Prototype

Back in December, we brought you word of the first automatic watch coming from Minuteman Watches.  While they are still officially in a pre-order phase for the watches (which ends April 30th), we were able to spend some time with a prototype of the Minuteman RWB.

Minuteman is going full-auto

Back when Minuteman Watch Co first hit the scene, I was interested for two main reasons.  One, they were (relatively) local to me, being in downstate Illinois.  The second, and more ambitious part of their mission, was to train and employ veterans in the building of their watches.  If memory serves, they’ve had to dial back a bit on that, but they have been producing watches.  To date, they’ve been of the quartz variety, but they have just announced their first automatic line, the Minuteman Watch Co Darby.