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Introducing: Raven Airfield


One of the smaller brands that we’ve become closely acquainted with over the years now are the folks out in Kansas with a brand by the name of Raven. Before that name, you may have been familiar with them as Benarus. Regardless, over the last few years, Steve Laughlin has really honed in on his design aesthetic, as has been turning out some rather lovely pieces. One of the latest, which is up for pre-order now, is the Raven Airfield.

This is not a misprint: the Raven Deep Tech is available for pre-order

Raven Watches, out in Kansas, has been putting out some simply sublime pieces. Unfortunately, if you miss out on something they’ve released, you’re simply out of luck (or headed to the resale market) – it’s a certain number built and sold, and then thats it. Until the spotlight shines down, and you get a re-release. This time, it’s the Raven Deep Tech getting the treatment.

The Raven Endeavour is hitting the scene

Back when John first took a chance on me writing articles and reviews here at WWR, Benarus Watch was one of the first ones I went hands-on with.  Since then, I’ve kept in touch with Steve Laughlin (the fellow behind Benarus and Raven), and have followed his watches with interest.  In fact, it was not that long ago we reviewed one.  Well, Laughlin is back with a new watch – the Raven Endeavor – and it looks to be another winner.

Simply put, it’s the Raven Venture Review

When it comes to the watches that Steve Laughlin has been producing under the Raven and Benarus brands, I think we here at WWR have reviewed just about every model that has been released.  You might think that over the years it might get a bit tiring, but to the contrary, Laughlin has kept things fresh.  The latest release (which is fairly close to sold out at this point) is his Raven Venture.

The Raven Defender Turns 2

Well, not really, but we are getting word of a new generation, aka the Raven Defender II.  This time around, along with the three-hander plus date style we’ve seen, we’ve got a GMT complication in the mix.

REVIEW: Raven Vintage




In the past, we’ve looked at several watches from Benarus (Megalodon, Sea Snake), and these are all serious (and modern) divers.  Today, we’ll dive into their sister catalog, which is from Raven Watches.