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Over the weekend, I wrote about the history of the B10 (aka NATO) strap. While the nylon B10 has become almost a paragon of minimalism when it comes to watch straps, there’s another style that has military ties (just like the B10), but goes in almost the exact opposite direction, stylistically. That style is known as the “wristlet” – read on to learn more about this recently-launched Kickstarter project.


With the crazy low temperatures across the U.S. today (it’s currently -14° F where I’m at, with a mess of snow), it got me to thinking about how happy (or not) our beloved watches would be outside in these temps. Sure, a digital piece wouldn’t have as many moving parts, but LCDs don’t like the cold, and an analog display might still have problems. What if you wanted a mechanical on your wrist? Then we’ve got the watch for you!


Welcome back to our weekly installment, Historical Horology. We’ve featured Rolex in these articles in the past, and for good reason – they’ve got a long and storied history, and one that’s well-documented. Their vintage pieces also hold a great deal of interest, both for novice and pro collectors. Today, we’ve got a few videos that fit neatly into that landscape.


Earlier this year, we brought you word (here) of the Sans-13, the first crowd-funded watch from Smith & Bradley (you can see my hands-on review of it right here). When I met with the company, they had said they were planning an automatic for the future. Well, that future has arrived, and Matt Himmelstein is giving us his thoughts on their recently-launched Kickstarter campaign.