Got a chance to fondle the Linde Werdelin Biformeter and I have a much better idea of what’s up now. Essentially, this is a really fancy watch with a strange attachment that covers the mechanical part and adds a number of digital functions.

The wristwatch itself costs about $4,000 for a steel model and the digital device costs $1,800. They snap together like Voltron to form the super ninja Biformeter.

The watch portion runs on an ETA GMT movement, standard fare. It’s quite a beefy piece, with a heavy steel or rubber bracelet and excellent workmanship. It also comes in gold. Very reminiscient of the big bang, but much more affordable and quite attractive.

The digital portion is actually quite cool. It has a full-sized LCD screen that shows a real compass, barometer, altitude, and even heart rate. It can be expanded with different sensors—they’ll be adding more down the line—and the interface is actually quite beautiful and elegant. Think a Suunto watch at a fancy dress ball.

The price might knock this out of the ballpark for some folks, but it is really a very cool design and compelling piece. They should be available around the world next month. They’ll also be coming out with a heavy-duty diving model and “at sea” model for sailors and swimmers. Quite interesting.

Product Page [LindeWerdelin -Warning: Flash Music]

Last Update: June 26, 2006