Back in my writeup on the pants and shirt from ScotteVest I mentioned how much you were able to carry in the various pockets.  Well, sometimes you don’t want to have it all right on your person, or you may want to have a standard set of things that’s always with you, regardless of the pants you’ve got on.  That’s where things like satchels and backpacks come in.  Since I routinely have a backpack on already (work bag), adding a satchel to the mix might seem at odds.  Still, I wanted to check out what the Nutsac Satchel.

Around the time I ran across the Nutsac Satchel, I had just gotten back from a work trip I had taken.  It was short enough that I was able to pack everything into my work bag.  I like to be able to do that, and minimize what I have to carry, but things were jammed in tight.  So, I got to thinking, having a second, smaller bag in the mix to carry things like my Kindle, some snacks, sunglasses, etc, could be handy.

I’m guessing more than a few of you are crying out “man purse!” at this point, and sure, I can see you point.  But frankly, whatevs.  If a given item adds in utility to my day and looks good doing it, I’m down.  And, while I’ve not had any travel since getting the Nutsac Satchel in for review, it has certainly been with me on a regular basis.

Right from the get-go, the Nutsac Satchel had me intrigued.  Mix together waxed canvas (a material and treatment I’m a big fan of), top grain leather, and a “Made in America” ethic?  Yeah, this has the makings of something good.  Now, why is the waxed canvas critical here?  Well, it’s a treatment that’s been around a long time (and I’m playing around with figuring out how to wax my RPMWest jacket).  Along with the water resistance it brings to the mix, it brings another dimension to the texture of the heavy canvas.  It smooths things out a bit, and gives it the ability to pick up creases and wear marks sort of like leather.  Oh, and given the water resistance, it’s resistant to staining, and is a simple matter to wipe down should it pick up some dirt.

In our case, we checked out the Nutsac Satchel in a olive and brown color scheme (there’s an all-black version as well), which is classic, and is set off with the black strap and attachment hardware.  The olive and brown looks sharp and casual, in my book.  So, we’ve settled that it looks good.  If a bag can’t store things, though, it’s a bag that fails.  In this case, you’ve got a good mix of organization.

Underneath the flap that’s held in place by a button stud and leather loop, you’ve got two zippers you encounter.  The first, and lower, one is an external pocket, handy for tossing some quick access things like papers and the like. The main compartment has two zippers (and note the zipper pulls, quite easy to grab and use) that open things up.  In side, you’ve got the main compartment (this bag measures in at 11” x 7.5” x 2.5”), which is large enough to hold an iPad.  Or, if you’re like me, a variety of smaller items.

There are also two pockets inside the larger main compartment of the Nutsac Satchel.  These are the perfect size to fit a Kindle, which is what I did with one of the two.  For the other one, I slipped a glasses case, and used the extra space to sneak a pen or two in (wouldn’t have minded a dedicated pen loop or pocket, but one can adapt the larger pockets to your own needs), a USB battery, and a lightning cable.  Then, in the main body, there went a notebook, a sunglasses case, and then whatever else I felt I needed to carry (say, some granola bars or whatever).

So, on one hand, this was simply moving some things out of my work bag into a second bag, so now I had two things I had to carry, right?  Yeah, during the week, but it sure made digging out things on the commute simpler.  Then, when it came to the weekend, it was a simple matter of grabbing the Nutsac Satchel when heading out the door and having some basic supplies with me on the go.  I was able to adjust the included canvas strap to a good length where it hung at my hip (felt right, and easy access) so it didn’t interfere with the work backpack when I had that on.

Sure, there’s no pad or anything on the strap of the Nutsac Satchel, but this is a small bag – you’re not going to be jamming a lot of stuff in it.  And, I guess if you wanted to, you could put a pad onto the strap, or even change the strap out.  It’s all-metal hardware on the bag (and the strap ends) so it should work for many different things.  I even thought about using a pair of carabiners to clip it on to something else.  Or, you know, if you don’t want to use the shoulder strap, you can take it off and just rely on the leather-wrapped grab handle at the top.

At $129, the Nutsac Satchel feels like a well-constructed and durable bag that is ready for whatever sort of situations you may want to throw at it, be it for travel, the work commute, or even just out on the weekends.  The waxed canvas and leather give things a rugged look and feel, and help to enhance that sense of durability.  And, with those materials, it’s a bag that should just look better over time.  Does everyone need a “man bag” like this?  Probably not, but I like the flexibility and utility it provides.  If this particular one feels a bit small for your needs, they do offer a larger options (big enough for the iPad Pro), and there are other types of bags they offer as well.

The looks are there, materials are good, and add in a lifetime warranty, and I do believe I am sold.  The Nutsac Satchel surprised me by how quickly it fit into my daily carry, and certainly could be adapted for however you may want to use it.  It has a rugged simplicity to it that nylon and other synthetics just can’t offer, and gives you capability (and longevity) at a much more affordable price point than a full leather bag can hit.  So, yeah, there’s definitely a lot to like here.  So, if you’re in the search for a new satchel (in whatever size), you definitely will want to check out what Nutsac has on offer.


Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: Nutsac Satchel
  • Price:  $129
  • Who’s it for? You need a smaller bag to carry your everyday stuff
  • Would I use it? Undoubtedly on an almost daily basis
  • The best thing about it: The waxed canvas, and the amount of utility packed into a small package
  • Watch it pairs best with:  The Alpina AlpinerX (full review coming next week), as it’s as outdoors oriented as the Nutsac is

Tech Specs from NutSac

  • Full Grain Leather + Waxed Canvas
  • 1.63 lbs/ 0.74 kg
  • Heavy Cotton Strap
  • 11?x7.5?x2.5?
  • Metal Hardware

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