As I’ve said before – and will no doubt say again in the future – I am a Shinola fanboy. I like seeing my old hometown catching wins, and myself have more than a few of their products, though mostly of the time-keeping sort. If you really want to up your Shinola game, and outfit your home with more of their products, the just-announced Shinola for Crate & Barrel collaboration is for you.

As you would expect from Crate & Barrel, there are a whole range of household items that are being made. You’ve got your chairs, queen-sized beds, and even couches (hopefully with the delightfully aromatic Shinola-sourced leather). Need something a bit smaller? Well, then they’ve also got throw pillows, blankets, table lamps, and rugs. And, yes, the quite-nice wall clocks have also made the collection. Past that you’ve got side tables, desks, lights, and all manner of accessories for your home.

Now, I will say, home furniture is rarely an exercise in what one would consider affordable. Add in the Shinola branding, and you do have some pricing here that approaches what one might call eye-watering. Doesn’t stop me from wondering about taking a nap on that leather couch, though. For instance, table lamps start at $299, and that couch that tempts me so comes in at $4,299. So, just level-set your expectations before you go in to build your new home office from Shinola / C&B goods, is all I’m saying.

For those curious, I did ask if any of these items would be showing up in the Shinola Hotel, but apparently that’s all custom. So, if you want to see the Shinola for Crate & Barrel collection, you’ll need to see if your local C&B store has it, or you’ll need to head on over to