An Isofrane for the JLC, and John tolerates one last rant from Victor, on a Swiss watch company that takes shortcuts.

To be very clear, a certain Swiss watch company has a watch that is the most affordable Swiss watch equipped with a silcon balance spring. This is good news. The Clos de Paris texture on the dial is excellent. The power reserve is a brilliant 70 hours out of what is essentially an ETA 28xx design refined.

The bracelet end links and lugs are a jarring mismatch.

The bracelet adjusts with split friction pins instead of screws.

Victor contends these are amateur-hour errors in design judgement, things that microbrands get right at half the price. John makes observations about the price floor in luxury goods, that a luxury Swiss watch has a price floor, and this is what you get at the bottom of the line. Victor’s disappointment stems from the contradiction of the bracelet with the silicon hairspring and exceptional movement.
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ByVictor Marks

sometimes described as "The best bang since the Big One."

6 thoughts on “Hourtime Show: A Rant to Remember”
  1. So . . . . exactly what watch are you referring to above? I listened to the podcast, and was waiting for the make and model to be discussed, but to no avail. It doesn’t do anyone much good to “call out” cutting corners — if we don’t know who’s doing it!

    1. It built suspense! And it disappointed you enough to get you to write a comment! – I’ll link you to a follow-up piece that names names soon.

    2. He’s talking about the new Tissot Ballade with the COSC certified Powermatic 80 movement with the silicon balance spring.

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