Well, how would you accomplish that particular feat, you might ask?  A watch with an alarm is a good start, right?  And, you know me, I’m intrigued by mechanical watches that have an alarm complication, so here we go again.

I came across this watch from the Aviator brand, which is part of the Volmax Group.  This particular model hails from their Classic line, and carries a designation of 2612/1421639.  The 2612 designates the movement in use, which is a mechanical (manual wind) movement with 18 jewels, beating away at 18,000 BPH (you can read more here).

Of course, the most intriguing bit of this movement is the alarm complication.  You do have a separate crown to use for winding and setting the alarm time, so you don’t need to be concerned that using the alarm will shorten the life on the power reserve (which is a respectable 42 hours).

I also like the fact that they’ve got smaller markings on the dial for setting the alarm time.  This way, you’re not guessing quite as much when adjusting the single hand, and should give you a more precise alarm time.

Past that, you’ve got a 43mm stainless steel case housing the movement that is 11.4mm thick, and has a sapphire crystal on top.  This all lends itself to 30m water resistance, carried on your wrist by a 20mm strap.    Between the colors, additional markings, and squiggly alarm hand, the face of this watch has a lot of visual appeal, without appearing overly cluttered, to my eye.

Should you want to pick one up, head over to your favorite retailer of Russian watches; it looks like this one is a touch under $400.

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Last Update: April 4, 2012

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