Well, then, good ol’ Roamer of Switzerland may have an option for you.  Of course, now I have “Roam If You Want To” playing in my head, but that’s a separate issue.  Back to the watch!

This one grabbed my attention strictly due to the family name – Slim-line.  That is definitely one area where quartz movements (which this watch feature) tends to have over their mechanical brethren – they can make for an amazingly compact watch.  Which isn’t to say that a mechanical movement can’t feature a thin case – they just cost a good deal more.

This particular watch comes in one of four flavors, so you should find one to fit your wardrobe-related needs.  Regardless of the color scheme, they all offer the following:

  • Ronda 1062 Quartz Movement
  • 38mm case (stainless steel, PVD rose gold, or PVD yellow gold)
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 30 meter water resistance

No date display or seconds hand – just a simple hours and minutes with a single crown to set things.  In a dress watch, I think this is entirely appropriate, as you’re not really fiddling around with a lot of other functions on your watch (or, at least, you shouldn’t be).

Surprisingly, for a line labelled Slim-Line, I had a hard time finding any concrete specs on how thin the case actually is.  Fortunately, I found the relevant info over at Amazon – and they’ve labelled it as 6mm(!)  which means this will just disappear on your wrist.  And, depending on which variant you select, it’ll disappear at least $425 from your wallet.

ByPatrick Kansa

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