Sometimes, the inspiration that a watch company will draw from for a new lineup can sometimes seem a bit convoluted or contrived.  Not so with the latest from the folks at Fromanteel, I”m glad to say.

Their latest collection is the Amsterdam, which is comprised of three-handers and chronographs.  So, how is it that this inspiration fits perfectly with the brand?

We found our inspiration for the two new Amsterdam watches close to home. Amsterdam is known as the bustling capital of the Netherlands, as well as a city with a long history. As for our brand, it is also the city where the clock-making Fromanteel family once established its workshop.

Makes sense to me.  Today, I want to take a closer look at their simpler model, the three-hander (in particular, the one on the speaks to me).  What grabbed me with this watch is something that surprised me – the date cutout.


Normally, I do not care for anything that is a larger window than it needs to be to display the current date.  While I”m not calling myself a convert to that style, what Fromanteel has done here definitely makes it less jarring, in my book.

To start with, the date display is (mostly) color matched to the dial, so it blends in rather nicely.  Second, it”s actually offset, running from 3 o”clock to 5 o”clock (this would more normally be centered on 3 o”clock).  If I had to get a watch with an enlarged date display, this one is the most “well done” version I”ve seen to date.

The Amsterdam Atmosphere LR

Styling aside, this is a fairly standard piece.  The 42mm case (10.5mm thick) is housed on a 20mm strap, and holds the sapphire crystal in place up top.  This all comes together to net a nice bit of protection for the Ronda 6004.D quartz movement (hence the date display and sub-seconds).

At a starting price of just under $500 for the three-hander (the chrono adds another $150 to the price; full lineup ), you are paying a premium for the Mokummer style – whether that”s worth it or not, that”s left to be decided by the beholder.

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