Well, to be fair, they”ve been around for awhile now, but this is the first time we”ve taken a look at their offerings on this page.  Without further ado – Orca!

Suffice to say, Orca is a new brand, based out of Germany, offering up Swiss-made timepieces.  At the moment, they have two different styles on offer (a military dial and diver dial), along with two different movements (quartz or mechanical), and blue or orange lume available (depending on the dial chosen).

In short, given the options, there are eight (I believe) different models to chose from when you pre-order your watch – that”s right, pre-order.  Once you”ve made your selection, your watch is built and will be to you in about four weeks.


For me, I”m gravitating towards the military dial along with the orange lume.  I don”t have a solid reason for preferring the dial, it”s just something that is.  As to the lume, while blue is my favorite color, I”m intrigued by the orange – it”s really offering up something different that I”ve not seen outside of tritium.

Regardless of the selections you make, these are the specs for what you end up with:

  •  44mm titanium case; 12.3mm thick
  • Movement:  Ronda quartz or ETA 2824-2 automatic
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 120-click unidirectional bezel
  • 22mm rubber strap

All in all, very respectable stats for well-designed watch – one made of titanium, to boot, which will keep things nice and light.  Pricing, obviously, depends a bit on your choices:

  • Titanium Quartz: $880
  • Black Titanium Quartz: $915
  • Titanium Automatic: $1195
  • Black Titanium Automatic: $1225

Pricing may be slightly different when you go to order, as I”ve taken out the 19% VAT, and applied exchange rates at the time of writing.    If you”re interested, you can .



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  1. I’m intrigued by this brand. Unfortunately I cannot find a webpage or an online store. Can you be of help?

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