Friend of WWR Matt H today is bringing us word of a new project bringing a variety of personal ornamentation (aka jewelry) that features watch movements as the primary aesthetic.  Let’s see what he has to say.

I first saw a pair of watch movement cuff links some time ago on Uncommon Goods (pictured above; product page).  They were a bit more that I would spend on something that I am not going to wear more than twice a year, but I still like them.

UPDATE:  It appears the Kickstarter project has been suspended, as it may be a case of reselling things from the Etsy shop, GlazedBlackCherry.  While it’s not clear what all is going on here, you may just want to check out the Etsy shop.  Regardless, Matt’s comments on the items still stand.

Now, via Kickstarter (project page), there is a full line of simple jewelry and accessories made with mechanical watch movements.  The pair from Uncommon Goods can be wound and will tick away during the evening, wile the Kickstarter project movements are non-working, but they do look nicely finished and very attractive.

Round Timeless Cufflinks
Also available through the Kickstarter project are tie pins, tie bars, money clips, necklaces, bracelets, rings, a cigarette case and a flask.  All together, there are 28 products on display.  The funding threshold on the project was very low, and the project is funded already.  Keep in mind, your ultimate product will likely be slightly different from the samples shown, since the movements he is re-purposing came is a large lot and will have some variation through the line.
Stunning Money Clip
SKELETON KEY Pendant Necklace

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