While Kickstarter has long been a source of interesting and affordable watches, as of late, there’s not really been a design – and price – that has caught my eye like it did, say, seven or eight years ago. Then, you’ve got something like the Arcange SD popping up, and you realize there are still gems to be found.

What we’ve got with the Arcange SD is a sort of mashup of the vintage, military, and dress watch styles. Sure, they call it out as a sector dial, and the railroad track sells that, as well as the font used for those numerals. Wrap that in a 38mm case that’s only 9.3mm thick, and you, friend, are definitely on the right path.

How do you further push this design? By going with a manually-wound movement, which keeps that super vintage feel. Sure, it wouldn’t have been a Seagull ST1700 movement back in the 1940s, but that’s beside the point. With a manual wind, you’re kept engaged with the running of the watch, and puts you back to how it used to be with watches.

Pricing starts at about $270 for the Arcange SD (in five different varieties, two of which are Kickstarter-exclusive), which is a pretty affordable way to dive into this dressier vintage piece. The campaign is fully funded, with things wrapping up on July 28, and delivery anticipated for October 2023. kickstarter / arcange-watches.com

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