Minus-8 Diver review: What I like about you.

November 25, 2016 . by Victor Marks

What happens when you take titanium, anti-reflective coating, and a sense of playfulness about the design of a dial and case? If it’s the good alternate timeline we’re in, you get Minus 8’s MINUS-8 DIVER: An Automatic Titanium Dive Watch. First of all, I love titanium. I love watches that are titanium. I once spent…

Skyscraper Art Deco Watch is like wearing the Chrysler Building on your wrist

November 21, 2016 . by Jim Manley

We reviewed the original version of this watch—the “Crash of ’29”— hands-on back in August 2015. The updated “Skyscraper” uses the same big art deco case, but changes almost everything else. These updates make a very unique watch a bit more accessible, bringing down the price from $3,500 to $925 or $1,200 (depending on the…

Turn and Burn with RSC’s New P51-Mustang Pilot Watch

November 14, 2016 . by Jim Manley

Ronald Steffen Creations is Kickstarting a new pilot watch inspired by the company’s own WWII-era P-51 Mustang fighter plane. The inspiration is hard to pinpoint—the watch “shares the same dynamism, agility and craftsmanship … . Power and speed were to be the key words.” Whatever that means. But the look is unique and the details…

SVSTEM Vintage-Inspired Watches

November 9, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

I am, it would appear, quite the sucker when it comes to vintage and vintage-look watches.  This is primarily due to the fact that those styles that get resurrected and referenced in modern interpretations are those timeless, classic looks that just plain look good.  One of the latest to hit the crowd-funding scene comes out…

Meshable 003 goes full-auto

November 7, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

While it’s been some time since we covered Meshable (we did so here), they are back with another project.  This time around, the Meshable 003 (License to… tell time?) has gone with an automatic movement, a first for the brand.

James Lucy Watches of London is going Gaucho

November 3, 2016 . by Neal Goodacre

James Lucy is a crowdfunded company looking to create an elegant and timeless timepiece at a reasonable price. What makes them different from other crowdfunded watches out there? That would be their watch straps. The watches are a simple, clean, and dressy design. Looks a bit like my fathers old Bulova. There will offer date…

AERCY Watches Kickstarter reboot promises the end of “Inflated Swiss Watches”

November 2, 2016 . by Jim Manley

AERCY’s Allure watches are like a pair of basic khakis: classic style without a hint of drama. It’s hard to object to the simple, neatly organized dial with raised baton indices all the way around and date at 3 o’clock. It sits atop the workhorse Ronda 515 quartz movement and is topped off with a…