Introducing the Maen Manhattan

May 23, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

If you didn’t see any pictures, and I told you another thin (under 7mm) quartz-driven watch hit Kickstarter, you would probably be on to the next article without a second thought. Fortunately, we do have images, and as you can see there up above (and down below), the Maen Manhattan is not your average watch…

Hands on Kickstarter’s Tate Wade Bokeh

May 19, 2017 . by Ken Nichols

The camera-design inspired watch has a Swiss movement in a black PVD stainless steel case and sapphire crystal.

Help bring Marie Antoinette’s Watch to life!

May 17, 2017 . by John Biggs

I’m crowdfunding the audiobook of Marie Antoinette’s Watch. I’m offering a special deal for WWR readers: you can get the MP3 download for $3 with this SECRET link. Want a signed copy? Click this link for a $15 signed book/MP3 download deal. Please support the campaign early so we can get a little momentum and…

Getting Bold with the BOLDR Odyssey Diver

May 11, 2017 . by Neal Goodacre

Based in Singapore, BOLDR Supply Co was founded by Travis, Leon, and Isa to create active urban wear watches. Their first model was the BOLDR Journey Chronograph with a cool curved case and mecha-quartz movement. The Journey really fit that fashionable urban look; now, BOLDR has come out with the Odyssey and things are changing. When…

Hands on with Bronze TC-9 Navy

May 3, 2017 . by Neal Goodacre

Just yesterday, Patrick wrote up the new TC-9 Navy which is available on Kickstarter. Pictures from the company are all well and good but nothing beats holding the actual product in your hands, and better yet, wearing it on your wrist. Fortunately for you, our connections to a lot of these new startups run deep, and we were able to…

A slimmed-down homage in the bronze TC-9 Navy Watch

May 2, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

To this day (not that it was THAT long ago) I remember the very first mechanical watch I bought.  I had become entranced with the vintage looks and sandwich dials of the Panerai – or, more precisely, the various homages that were floating around available on the internet (and still are).  When I finally pulled…

The Elgis WILWATIKTA II invites you to experience the Majapahit Empire of Indonesia

April 28, 2017 . by John Biggs

Do you like empires? Do you like Indonesia? Buddy, have we got a watch for you. The Elgis WILWATIKTA II is a crowdfunded watch that is styled on the folk art of Indonesia. It runs an automatic Miyota 9015 movement and is made of bronze which reverts to a beautiful patina over time. The dial…