The H. Moser Swiss Mad Watch, with a case made of real Swiss cheese, might have made 2017 the year of the organic watch, but the Analog Watch Co. Botanist Watch brings the concept to the masses. For $79, you can help Kickstart this simple quartz watch with a 38mm moss- or flower-infused resin case.

Like the Swiss Mad Watch, the Botanist uses a resin case that is infused with organic material. Here, the once-living bits float in the clear resin. The orange, blue, and yellow flowers or green moss look lovely in suspended animation. No curdled cheese look here.

The movement is no H. Moser in-house Swiss masterpiece, but it gets the job done with a little flair. The quartz Miyota 1L45 has a small seconds dial at 6:00, which is a welcome change from the usual quartz three-hander with center seconds. It gives the dial some visual interest, but doesn’t disrupt the simple look achieved by the stick indices and straight hands. Especially in the silver-dialed models, that simplicity allows for an integrated look. The black-dialed version creates a starker contrast between the clear resin case, but with a black strap allows the case to stay front and center.

The round resin case has recessed lugs that hide the quick release strap—including vegan options if you want to really get in sync with nature. That naturalist vibe is Analog Watch Co.’s main selling point. They pitch the Botanist Watch as a sort of floral arrangement for your wrist, to remind you of the outdoors when you are stuck in another meeting. It’s the corsage of watches—but much more modern than what you see at a prom.

The Kickstarter campaign ends October 25, but with nearly three times their goal in the bank already the harvest looks promising.

Analog Watch Co. Botanist Watch

  • Price: $79USD
  • Who’s it for? You’ve got to get yourself back to the garden.
  • Would I wear it? We should all make room on our wrists for more whimsical watches.
  • What I’d change? A battery seems out of place in a naturalist watch; get this baby a mainspring.
  • Standout feature? Flower-infused case.

Tech Specs from Analog Watch Co.

  • Movement: Citizen Miyota 1L45
  • Body: Resin & flowers or moss
  • Dial: Silver or black sunray with small seconds hand
  • Strap: Top grain leather or vegan leather alternative with quick release spring bars
  • Case Thickness: 7.5mm
  • Case Diameter: 38mm
  • Strap Size: 20mm
  • Hardware: Stainless steel
  • Total Weight: 1oz (28g)

ByJim Manley

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