While perusing the web for news of new watch models, I caught wind of a new Seiko model that seems rather interesting – the Seiko 5 Sports SNZF45. What initially grabbed my attention was its appearance – it looks very similar the more-familiar Seiko Monster models (the SKX781 and SKX779). The main differences from the afore-mentioned Monster models seem to be:

• Water resistance is only rated at 100m, versus 200m
• The crown does not screw down
• The watch face is in white, rather than orange or black
• Uses the 7S36B automatic movement, rather than the 7S26

And finally, we come to the most intriguing difference – the price. A quick search on the web reveals that the watch should be priced around $150, which brings it an even more-affordable price range than the Monster models were already in.
To my tastes, the SNZF45 actually comes across as a bit more subtle with the white dial – the lume just appears to blend in, and the color doesn’t jump out the case quite as much as another color (orange, for instance). For some, that subtlety may break the deal, but I feel that it is an advantage for this model. And speaking of that lume? It looks just as generously applied as anything else in Seiko’s line, and should lend itself to great night-time visibility.

Another feature that may put people off is the depth rating – or, as some may see it, the lack-of-depth rating. Frankly, 100m will cover the needs most of us would see with the watch, and will do well to keep the movement well protected from the normal daily interactions it may see with the water.

Ultimately, this automatic watch is another intriguing, and very affordable, option being served up from the folks at Seiko. If you have had a Black or Orange Monster on your “to acquire” list, you should probably give this new model some consideration.

If you’re looking for the Baby Orange, try these guys. It seems to be sold out everywhere, however.

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Last Update: August 22, 2011

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