Everyone needs a little style and that’s why Cadence released this unique “analog digital” (not really) LCD watch. The piece comes in steel and costs $119.

It’s out of stock right now but, as you can see, it has a digital center read-out and a rotating LCD “hand” around the edge.

This watch is a classical blend of a digital and an analog watch. The face of the watch has a modern digital display while still functioning like a traditional analog watch. The body of the watch is contemporary and asymmetrical with a polished aluminum finish to connect it again with a classical watch. The band mechanism utilizes a traditional clasp mechanism and pairs it with a new an innovative magnetic feature; this feature allows the band to be extremely adjustable. The theme of this watch creates a dialog between characteristics of classical and nontraditional watches to create an elegant, sophisticated, sharp and youthful design.

It’a available for pre-order now. Cadence is looking for your input on the final design of their Josh Chadwick watch.

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