While many companies are talking to you about all their sales and discounts that they’ve got coming up this Friday, Shinola is going in a slightly different direction. They’re releasing a limited-edition version of one of their chronographs, the Shinola Canfield Speedway Lap 03.

So, why am I telling you about the Shinola Canfield Speedway Lap 03 today, instead of on Friday? Well, for one, there’s no embargo, and secondly, this one has a bit of unique availability. It’s only going to be available at their retail (you know, those in-person stores) locations:

  • Canfield, MI
  • Ann Arbor, MI
  • Somerset, MI
  • Woodward, MI
  • Venice, CA
  • Boston, MA
  • Denver, CO
  • King of Prussia, PA
  • DC
  • Rush St., IL.  

Prior releases have sold out quickly, so they’re figuring that the Shinola Canfield Speedway Lap 03 should do the same. Compared to the prior iteration, it’s kept the coloration on the subdial, but that’s the main visual similarity (well, other than being a bi-compax chronograph, of course). While the prior version looks like a nouveau vintage piece, this one feels like it’s gone fully modern.

You’ve got a beefier case with a black finish overall, which also helps the pushers not look like they’re standing out so far. The dial has a matte finish to it, which the applied indices (in classic speedometer scale rather than hours of the day) stand out starkly. As do the hands, which also call to mind the needle on an analog speedometer.

Now, you know me – chronographs aren’t really my thing (though I do have another Shinola chrono loaner in at the moment), but there’s a lot to the overall design of the Shinola Canfield Speedway Lap 03 that even I can appreciate and feel drawn to. Again, this one is just available in those retail stores I listed up above, only 250 are being made, and it’ll be running you $2,995. If you head out into the maddening crowds, well, good luck to you. shinola.com

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