While it was not all that long ago that I first became aware of Western Rise, since I added a pair of their Evolution Pants to my closet, I’ve become a fan of what they’re producing. In fact, it was in the midst of a business trip I was on – with those Evolution Pants keeping me company – that their newest travel-ready product was announced, the Western Rise Air Light shirts.

When it comes to shirts that you’re looking to be either active with, or be able to cycle through a few times (or more) between washes (for when, you know, you’re traveling and minimizing luggage), there are a few things that you should look for. At least, there are things I look for, being that it looks good, can offer some form of stain resistance, and is preferably lightweight and breathable. Spoiler alert: the Western Rise Air Light offers all of that, and more.

A lot of those expectations came from my time with another travel-ready shirt (seen here), and I think it starts off a solid base for a shirt. For the Western Rise Air Light, the key here is the material, which is a polyester/nylon blend. I might tend towards natural materials (such as this option from Western Rise), but the synthetics bring a lot of capability to the table. For starters, it’s stretchy, and I’ve really come to like having a little bit of stretch in clothing for movement’s sake. Here, I think it also makes things a little easier to apply the water repellency – which is what I’m equating to stain repellence. Can’t get a coffee stain on the shirt if the liquid can’t soak in, right?

The material of the Western Rise Air Light shirts also lends itself to quick drying (should you get caught in the rain, get sweaty, or even just need to do a quick wash in the hotel room sink), and all-in-all just makes for what looks to be an excellent travel companion. I’ve just covered some of the highlights here, in what caught my eye. You can check out the full list of specs down below.

The short sleeve and long sleeve run $89 and $109, respectively, and are both available in fog (grey) or indigo. To orders yours up, just head right on over to westernrise.com

Specs from Western Rise

  • Lightweight AirLight Fabric
    • 51% Recycled Polyester / 49% SUPPLEX® NYLON
    • 104 gsm
    • 2-way Mechanical Stretch
    • Quick Dry
    • Light durable water repellency
    • Fast-drying
  • Rail-tape secured front pocket
  • Rubber-coated unbreakable buttons
  • Hidden button-down collar
  • Articulated Sleeves
  • UPF 30+
  • Designed in Colorado
  • Blue Sign approved fabric for a more sustainable world
  • Made in Portugal
  • A portion of the proceeds from this item support 1% For The Planet.

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