First things first – Happy New Year to you, from all of us here at WWR.  It’s a new year, and many folks like to look at it as being a clean slate of sorts.  What could be cleaner than a white-dialed watch?  Read on to see what we have in store for you in the January WWR Giveaway.

This month, you have a chance to win the Areion White Chronograph (reviewed here).  In our review, we dinged the watch a bit for its screw-down crown and the included strap, but overall came away with a favorable impression of the watch.


If you’re looking to pick up a white-dialed chronograph, then this is a perfect giveaway for you.  The Areion White Chronograph has a retail price of $325, and it is a limited edition – only 100 of each color have been made.

To get your entries in, just head on over here and follow the instructions.  Good luck!



  1. Awesome giveaway guys!! I’m crazy about all three colors of this Areion! I think they’re on to something 🙂

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